Luke Noonan, better known online as GameCubeDude (GameCubeDude100) is a Virginia-based American YouTuber who was mainly known for reactions on his 3rd channel GameCubeDude300 though this channel was later taken down by Lovell (KingShredda) because he thought Luke was being disrespectful to Logan (SuperMarioLogan). Luke now makes gaming videos on GameCubeDude200 which remains his most popular and active channel.

Apart from gaming he is also a voiceover actor and occasionally dubs over comics.


GameCubeDude300's deletion

Gamecubedude300 was grown to be his main channel making reactions to SuperMarioLogan (SML) and SMG4. He especially loved SML and while hating one of there main characters, Jeffy. He was still was a fan, but due one of the cast members of SML named Lovell (KingShredda) he was forced to stop making reaction videos.

Lovell threatened saying that he will take it down unless he deletes all of his SML reactions. After he did, Lovell told him to take down all of his tweets mentioning him or he will take down his other three channels. GameCubeDude knew Lovell could not do that but to stop the drama he deleted the channel and blocked Lovell on everything. His main channel is GameCubeDude200 and he is reuploading all his non-SML reactions on there. He made an explanation video addressing this.

Since then, he now lost his likeliness of SuperMarioLogan. On top of that, since he had promised to watch the upcoming movie, he announced on his 200 channel that he will no longer react to it.



GameCubeDude100's content primarily features plush content, as well as comic dubs and parodies.


GameCubeDude200's content primarily features gaming related content such as Lets Play's, compilations, playthroughs, and even occasional vlogs. Some of his favourite games (so far) are BATIM and Spongebob games. He also had a former series on the channel called "reaction Mondays" where he would react to videos the same style as he would on GameCubeDude300. However, on certain occasions, he will react to a certain video if requested enough, where he would live stream it on Twitch, or react to requested videos on other other streams.


GameCubeDude300's content primarily featured reaction videos often to SML, SMG4, The Angry Video Game Nerd, and others.

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