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GameGrumps is a gaming collaboration channel founded by YouTubers Jon Jafari  (born: March 24, 1990 [age 29]) (JonTronShow), and Arin Hanson (born: January 6, 1987 [age 32]) (Egoraptor).

The channel primarily produces Let's Play videos or gaming videos. The channel has grown since its creation and now harbors multiple segments, including Game Grumps, Game Grumps VS, Steam Train, Steam Rolled, and Grumpcade.


The Game Grumps channel features a few different shows. Each are different from most Let's Play channels, as there are no face cams and only the game footage is shown on screen.

Game Grumps

The original and first show, Arin and Danny, who has replaced Jon. They play through various games.

Game Grumps VS.

Arin and Danny play and fight against each other in a multiplayer video game, usually party, racing, fighting or golf games.

Steam Train

GameGrumps Banner

GameGrump's most recent banner showcasing the Game Grumps and Steam Train segments.

A separate show introduced after Jon left and Danny joined. It's hosted by Danny and Ross, and they play PC games together. Arin, Barry, and Suzy occasionally make appearances on the show.


The show focuses on console games and features any combination of the Grumps playing, with the most so far being a group of four.

Steam Rolled

Similar to Game Grumps VS., it's a 4 player versus series, which introduced Barry and Suzy onto the show.

Table Flip

Suzy and Barry host a table top game centric show. The guests brought in are mainly those affiliated with the Polaris gaming website and the Game Grumps themselves.

10 Minute Power Hour

Arin and Dan interact with various toys and products in a ten minute live-action format. Guest Grumps A segment where the Grumps play games witha guest.


The Game Grumps team currently consists of 6 members.

The current hosts on the Game Grumps channel.

Arin Hanson

Suzy's husband, known as popular animator Egoraptor, he is one of the original creators of Game Grumps along with Jon. Arin has the title of Grump on the show.

Danny Avidan

Jon's replacement and the current Not-So-Grump, and a member of the band NinjaSexParty, Danny hosts alongside Arin, and with Ross on Steam Train, another show on the channel. He also has a strong love for Skittles.

Christmas Grumps

The entire current Game Grumps crew at Christmas.

Ross O'Donovan

Known for his animator name RubberRoss, he joined around the time Danny did to host Steam Train, and also on Steam Rolled. He is originally from Australia but has lived most of his life in America. He is the group butt monkey and is constantly picked on by other members, in jest. "Goddammit Ross" is usually uttered by the others whenever Ross says or does something stupid during a playthrough.

Suzy Berhow

Arin's wife, She runs her own YouTube channel called Mortem3r, which focuses around her personal vlogs and makeup tutorials. During the Jon Era of Game Grumps, Jon referred to her as Suzy the Goose. She made her first physical appearance during the 75th episode of their Sonic 06 playthrough and was first heard during their 4th episode of Chulip. Later, she made her Game Grumps debut in the Rayman Legends: Kung Foot Steam Rolled and has appeared several times since. She also co-hosts Table Flip with Barry.

Brian Wecht

One of the editors and writers of the Grumps, he has recently become a larger member. He is also known as "Ninja Brian" and is partner to Danny in NinjaSexParty. He was introduced to be a host of the show in the Grumpcade episode "Burger Time" on November 5, 2015.

Former Members

Jon Jafari

Known as video game reviewer JonTron, he is one of the original creators of Game Grumps as the original Not-So-Grump along with Arin. He hosted the channel with him for around a year; the last Game Grumps episode to star Jon was Super Star Wars: Attack of the Back – Part 5 – Game Grumps, before he was replaced by Danny on June 25, 2013. He stated that while he did have a good time working with Arin, his schedule left him far too busy to keep up with JonTron and GameGrumps content at the same time, so he left GameGrumps entirely to put all of his focus onto the JonTron channel.

Barry Kramer

Barry was the editor of the Game Grumps videos starting in September 2012 to allow Jon and Arin to focus more on the gameplay aspect of the show. Barry's role was a silent one until the Battletoads episode when Jon and Arin acknowledged him. Since then, Barry has been regularly asked by Jon, Arin, and Danny to crop in pictures during their recordings or respond to something they're saying. Barry usually "spoke" through yellow text whenever he was acknowledged during the show. He made his Game Grumps debut in the very first Steam Rolled episode, Quake III Arena. Barry was no longer the editor of Game Grumps from November 2014, but became a regular cast member of the show. He also co-hosted Table Flip with Suzy.

In December 2017, Barry had left the channel to pursue his own work.[1]

Kevin Abernathy

Kevin is one of three editors of Game Grumps and Steam Train. He was announced on November 21, 2014 in the episode "Domino Rally."

Subscriber Milestones

  • 1,000,000 subscribers: February 26, 2014
  • 2,000,000 subscribers: March 2, 2014 
  • 3,000,000 subscribers: April 30, 2014
  • 4,000,000 subscribers: May 17, 2014
  • 5,000,000 subscribers: February 18, 2019


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