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Garrett Watts (born: June 15, 1989 (1989-06-15) [age 30]), is an American YouTube vlogger. He primarily makes blog-style videos or DIY, such as making a pizza bath bomb, giving a tour of his tiny house, and buying pet mice with his friend. He is best known for being the friend, ex-boyfriend, and collaborator with Shane Dawson


Garrett Watts joined YouTube in May 30, 2012 but did not upload a video until October 25, 2012 which curiously does not feature him. Garret's first videos did not revolve around him and focused on another person called Coco Peru, it was until a video called "Worst Girlfriend: Gaming" where he first started to have viewers and that video gave him a little taste of success. After that he went on a bit of a hiatus and did not release a video for a while. It was until June of 2016 when he released a video anouncing he's back to YouTube and that he would upload a video every week. At this point he was already friends with Shane Dawson, another YouTuber that had about 8 million subscribers at the time, because of this he quickly gained some subscribers and a small following on his channel and social media. He kept uploading videos and gaining more following after appearing in more on Shane's videos which led him on having two million subscribers.


  • Garrett is 6'4 tall.
  • He met Shane after accidently liking him on Tinder and becoming his boyfriend for a while in 2016.
  • He is gay.
  • He is legally blind.
  • Some of his best friends are Shane Dawson and Andrew Siwicki.
  • He was a famous Viner before it closed down.
  • He is a Hufflepuff.
  • He is a Marvel and Harry Potter fan.
  • He has pet mice.
  • He has two babies, Benjamin and Tyler.
  • He is very clumsy.
  • He owns 12 Harry Potter wands (ones from the movies and custom made ones).
  • He once won a PS4 from Taco Bell.
  • He often eats raw eggs.
  • His favorite food is raw oysters.
  • He wanted to be an octopus when he grew up.
  • His first job was at 14 and it was working at a haunted house.
  • In high school he wore a KillBill costume for a week for no reason.
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