Gasttozz is a Vlogger
Gasttozz is a Musician
Gasttozz is from Serbia
Gasttozz is male
Gasttozz created their account in 2009
Gasttozz is a Content Creator on YouTube

Nenad Marinkovic (born March 3, 1992 (1992-03-03) [age 29]), better known online as Gasttozz, is the first Serbian vlogger on YouTube.


Gastozz joined YouTube in 2009, he started recording his videos in his room with his girlfriend Marija. Gasttozz lives in France, and is a DJ as well as a vlogger. His videos are mostly parodies and comedies. In 2014 he made his last vlog, and as of now there are no new videos from Gasttozz. His Facebook page is still online.

Fight with Nixa Zizu

Another Serbian YouTuber, Nixa Zizu, attacked Gasttozz. Nixa attacked his friend, BobiFromTheHood. Then Nixa made an video called: YouTube Retardi. For some reason he removed the video from YouTube, but Nenad made a livestream where he officially said:

"Nixa, F*ck Nixa and everyone who watches Nixa. I think that guy isn't normal, to do somthing on YouTube. That's what he said about Bobi, that he didn't have money to eat bread, and I c*m on your crappy muscles, F*ck your muscles, I c*m on your muscles degenerate, when you bring a girl like Maria, And that your fat like me, And that your girlfriend is beautiful like her, And to record a video with her that will have 1 Million views, And then ill lisen to you, Till then you just can suck my d*ck, I wont tell you anything about this, If you didn't say Bobiu that he never ate bread, Suck my d*ck Nixa, Suck it..."



Shut Down

Gasttozz made private all of his videos on April 4, 2015 because he became a member of a TV series called Parovi. He only has 5 videos on his profile. At the end of the TV series, he won, but it is not known whether he will start up the channel again.

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