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Punya Chatterjee, better known online as GeekSlayer, formerly Geekslayer73, is an Indian-American YouTuber who posts song parodies and skits often involving indian stereotypes and much more. Establishing well over 80K subscribers in total on his YouTube channel, he is a rising star according to the American Bazaar.

He is currently studying at Stanford University in California.


The first video he ever made was a parody of Kesha's Tik Tok called "Indians Round The Clock", which he recently re-made to celebrate his channel's five-year anniversary.

In 2014, he shortened his name from Geekslayer73 to GeekSlayer. He first used the name "Jay Karamchand" to refer to himself while starting his YouTube channel to protect his identity as a kid − with the initials being "JK", "just kidding". He revealed his real name to be Punya in 2015 in a video titled "A Little About Me".

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  • He is Bengali.
  • He plays both the piano and guitar and loves hip hop and alternative rock music.
  • His two favourite albums are My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy by Kanye West and American Idiot by Green Day.
  • He has a pet rabbit named Oreo and has had her since 7th grade, when he started his YouTube channel.
  • His parents aren't as strict as he portrays them to be in his videos.