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ToyPudding TV is an American-based South Korean children's YouTube channel. The channel has been the home of lots of controversy due to parents being concerned about an unknown man having millions of small children watching the videos every day. The channel is currently based in Woodinville, Washington. They also have many different series on the channel, including a Play-Doh series, and one about Power Rangers.


Parents have been concerned about their children watching an unknown stranger playing with toys, in an ominous silence, appealing to small children for profit on the Internet.

Reviews and Critics

Many critics and journalist have been reviewing Toypudding's channel and have been disturbed that their kids have been watching a strange man play with kids toys. For example, Mental Floss's Review, a review made on Decmber 16, 2016 by Shaunacy Ferro on Toypudding's channel. The review included many fair points, including children being envious of the adults in the video, and throwing fits because they want aforementioned toys, and comparing the channel to people like Ryan ToysReview.

Content Farming

"These videos aren’t promoting particularly under-the-radar toys, no doubt due to both the promotional toys companies send in and the need to compete for kids’ clicks", she wrote. As clearly shown by their video descriptions, they get tons of product sponsorship opprotunities, and they make thousands of dollars a day due to kids buying the toys. Many other journalists have brought up many other points as well, including being a content farm, uploading many of the same ideas and video topics every week, but Toypudding has been growing at an ever fast pace.

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