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Thomas Davies, (born September 1990 [age 29]) better known online as GeoWizard (formerly GeoGuessr Wizard), is a British YouTuber known for the online geography game GeoGuessr, and adventure series'.


GeoWizard's real name is Tom Davies; this can be seen as the name of his GeoGuessr profile during videos. He currently resides in the West Midlands area of England. He stated in a video that he doesn't live too far from the cathedral city of Lichfield. He also mentions in a video, where he crosses Wales in a straight line, a takeaway pizza restaurant based in the town of Sutton Coldfield, hinting that he is from around that area. He has a girlfriend called Verity who has been mentioned in some videos.


Most of Davies' content revolves around the online geography puzzle game Geoguessr. Examples of his Geoguessr videos include perfect score challenges in certain countries, 10-second-per-round games, and Hometown Roullette, a monthly series he has created where he will play a game in the hometown of one of his fans, picked randomly. He also occasionally plays other games on his channel, like the quiz game Sporcle, and his own game called Streetview Bingo, where he sets himself a time limit within which to find as many of a series of chosen items as possible in Google Streetview.

He also has a twitch account, where he does livestreams of the games mentioned above, along with others. He does 2-3 streams per week, and Verity moderates the chat.

Straight Line Missions

In early 2019, Davies attempted to walk across the country of Wales in a completely straight line. He didn't upload the footage until the summer of the same year. He attempted to cross from the English border near the town of Oswestry, all the way to Dolgellau on the west coast. He made it just over halfway before temporarily giving up, taking a 5-day break, and returning to walk the rest of the distance. The videos were split into 5 different parts.

The second attempt to cross Wales came a year later, as Tom and his friend "Welsh Greg" decided last second to abandon their other plans which had become cancelled due to COVID-19. Similarly, the attempt was uploaded the following summer. Ultimately this attempt failed on its third video due to an unforeseen Addisonian crisis experienced by Greg on Day 4. Tom plans to attempt to cross Norway in summer 2020, followed by Scotland and Liechtenstein the following winter.

Other Adventures

In late 2019, Davies and Greg attempted a European trip from Geneva, Switzerland to Bratislava, Slovakia, using as many different modes of transport as possible on the way without paying for public services, along with completing a series of tasks on the way chosen by fans. The series, titled 'How NOT to Travel Europe' was uploaded between late December of 2019 to January 2020. It was ultimately mostly successful, although they did fail to complete one of the tasks.

In March 2020, he uploaded a 2-part series entitled Real Life Geoguessr, where he was blindfolded and driven by Verity to various locations within the United Kingdom. He would then explore the place looking for clues as to where he was, just like if he were playing a game of Geoguessr, before opening the app on his phone and attempting to guess the location. He managed to successfully guess his location on the first four rounds, but failed on the last.

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