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Anime is trash. and so am I.


Garnt Maneetapho (born: May 31, 1990 (1990-05-31) [age 30]), better known online as Gigguk (formerly The Anime Zone), is an English anime YouTuber of Thai descent who was mostly known for his "fast-paced satirical anime reviews in a British accent." Apart from reviews, he also makes other videos related to anime, manga, and otaku culture in general. Since 2016, he has been making videos as a full-time job and opened up a Patreon campaign in order to make a living out of it. He is currently the most subscribed anime Youtuber.


Personal Life

Garnt was born in Brighton, England to Thai immigrants. He studied electrical and electronics engineering at the University of Bristol, and in 2014, started working at BBC as a technical project manager. This led to his 2-year hiatus on YouTube. 

In October of 2019, he moved to Tokyo, Japan together with his long-time girlfriend and current fiancé Sydney Poniewaz (also known as Sydsnap on YouTube).


Garnt, as Gigguk, began his reviewing career in 2008 as a way to procrastinate from math homework. It all started with a review of Bleach under his Thai nickname, Gigguk. Since then, he has changed his style from leisurely enjoyment to a more analytical and comedic approach. His final grade is based on a 0 to 10 rating system, designating each title with a single integer. He is open to reviewing any title from any genre, despite his aversion to high school and moe anime.

2012 marked the beginning of his tenure as a permanent panelist on The PodTaku Podcast until its folding in January 2016. He was joined by fellow reviewers ArkadaHolden, and Jeanne. He followed it up two months later with the release of EvAbridged, a highly satirical parody of Rebuild of Evangelion, in which he voices the role of Fuyutsuki. On September 25, 2013, he and the rest of PodTaku launched J-Taku, a separate podcast of singular topics devoted to anime, which was developed with the help of several other reviewers.

Gigguk entered hiatus in 2014 after taking a job for the BBC, uploading three videos in 2014, and five videos in 2015.

On May 5, 2016, Gigguk announced his official return to YouTube after a series of consistent uploads, with his intent to substantially grow the channel by the end of the year. He reached over 500k subscribers that year in December and hit one million subscribers on December 30th in 2017.

After his comeback, he moved away from his previous reviewing format over time and eventually stopped using the name "The Anime Zone".

Subscriber Milestones

  1. 1 million subscribers - December 30, 2017
  2. 2 million subscribers - November 2019


Yearly/Seasonal Anime Discussions

  • AZ: Anime in 2013 Part 1
  • AZ: Anime in 2013 Part 2
  • AZ: Anime in 2014 Part 1
  • AZ: Anime in 2014 Part 2
  • AZ: Summer Anime 2015 Abridged
  • AZ: Anime in 2015 Part 1
  • AZ: Anime in 2015 Part 2
  • Summer Anime 2016 Abridged
  • AZ: Fall Anime 2016 Abridged

Top Lists

These are a series of top lists of specific subjects regarding anime. He's only done one of these so far, which is called Top 20 Epically Cool Anime Characters.

  • Top 20 Epically Cool Anime Characters (Uploaded in 4 parts)
  • The ACTUAL Top 20 Anime Every Fan Needs To Watch
  • 5 BRILLIANT Fight Scenes in Anime


Gigguk has dabbled in making AVMs in the past. His most prominent AMV was an Evangelion, Rahxephon, and Paranoia Agent AMV called Reflections of Despair.

  • Baccano: The Fucking Short Version
  • AMV – What if the Storm Ends (Code Geass, Evangelion, Rahxephon, and Gankutsuou)
  • Reflections of Despair (Evangelion, Rahxephon, and Paranoia Agent)

AZ Rants

AZ Rants is a segment where he takes a less structured and humorous approach to look at any topic that crosses his mind regarding the subject of anime and manga. It contains his raw, biased opinions and is for the purpose of creating debates and/or discussions, so it shouldn't be taken too seriously.

  • AZ Rants: New Anime Sucks!?
  • AZ Rants: Dubbed Anime and Dub Haters!
  • AZ Rants: Anime is Dying!?
  • AZ Rants: Anime on TV
  • AZ Rants: The Big 3 (Naruto/Bleach/One Piece)
  • AZ Rants: Fanservice and Ecchi
  • AZ Rants: Anime Becoming Mainstream?
  • AZ Rants: The Golden Age of Anime
  • AZ Rants: The Harem Genre
  • AZ Rants: Is Hype a Bad Thing for Anime?
  • AZ Rants: Source Material is Irrelevant


EvAbridged is abridged series for the anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion created and voiced by Gigguk, Jeanne, Holden, and Arkada.

  • EvAbridged 1.0 This is (not) a Parody
  • EvAbridged 2.0 Preview/Deleted Scenes
  • EvAbridged 2.0 Shinj is (not) a Pussy
  • EvAbridged 3.0 Rei is (not) Pleased
  • EvAbridged 4.0 This is (not) the End

Anime Zone Reviews

The most common and most popular show on his channel is his Anime Zone Reviews, in which he takes an anime series or movie and gives it a rather comedic review, while still providing the necessary information and critique to actually call it a review.

  • Anime Zone: Bleach Anime Review
  • Anime Zone: Lucky Star Anime Review
  • Anime Zone: The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Anime Review
  • Anime Zone: Neon Genesis Evangelion Anime Review
  • Anime Zone: Death Note Anime Review
  • Anime Zone: Black Lagoon Anime Review
  • Anime Zone: Gantz Anime Review
  • Anime Zone: Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R1 Anime Review
  • Anime Zone: Baccano! Anime Review
  • Anime Zone: Full Metal Panic! Anime Review
  • Anime Zone: Samurai Champloo Anime Review
  • Anime Zone: Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2 Anime Review
  • Anime Zone: Ikkitousen Anime Review
  • Anime Zone: Welcome to the NHK Anime Review
  • Anime Zone: School Days Anime Review
  • Anime Zone: Fooly Cooly (FLCL) Anime Review
  • Ani-meh Zone: K-ON Anime Review (Featuring Klaus)
  • Anime Zone: The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya Anime Review
  • Anime Zone: Bakemonogatari and Nisemonogatari
  • Anime Zone: Fate/Zero Anime Review
  • Anime Zone: Highschool of the Dead Anime Review
  • Anime Zone: Sword Art Online Anime Review
  • Anime Zone: Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt Anime Review
  • Anime Zone: Summer Wars Anime Review [Geek Week]
  • Anime Zone: Anime in 2013 Part 1
  • Anime Zone: Anime in 2013 Part 2
  • Anime Zone: Anime in 2014 Part 1
  • Anime Zone: Anime in 2014 Part 2
  • Anime Zone: Anime in 2015 Part 1
  • Anime Zone: Anime in 2015 Part 2
  • Bible Black Honest Review (April Fools 2016)
  • Sword Art Online The Movie: Ordinal Scale

AZ Reactions

AZ Reactions to anime are done in two forms: either he'll take the first 1, 2, or 3 episodes of a series and give his first impressions, or he'll take a random episode of a series and explain his thoughts on it, always of series that are still ongoing.

  • AZ Reactions: Kill la Kill Episode 1
  • AZ Reactions: RWBY
  • AZ Reactions: Free! Iwatobi Swim Club Episode 1
  • AZ Reactions: Free! Iwatobi Swim Club Episodes 4 & 5
  • AZ Reactions: Sword Art Online Episode 24
  • AZ Reactions: Attack on Titan Episode 1
  • AZ Reactions: Attack on Titan Episode 5
  • AZ Reactions: Attack on Titan Episode 8
  • AZ Reactions: Sword Art Online Episode 21
  • Re:Zero Episodes 1-6

Anime in Minutes

  • Sword Art Online IN 5 MINUTES
  • Tokyo Ghoul IN 5 MINUTES
  • Re:Zero in 8 Minutes
  • No Game No Life in 7 Minutes
  • Darling in the FranXX in 10 Minutes

How to Anime

  • The Top Anime Guide to Tsundere (HOW TO DATE)
  • The Top Anime Guide to Yandere (HOW TO SURVIVE)


  • AZ: 10,000 Subs Thank You + BLOOPERS
  • AZ: Defense to Viz Shutting Down Mangastream
  • AZ: I've Sold Out!? + Update
  • AZ: How to be a Review/Ranter
  • AZ: Why I DON'T Care that Scarlet Johansson is Makoto Kusanagi
  • AZ: Why Kabaneri FAILS as an Attack on Titan Clone
  • AZ: Why Am I Watching This Anime?
  • BREXIT Anime OP
  • AZ: Top Anime Guide to Summer Anime 2016 Season
  • AZ: You'll Grow Out of Anime. Eventually
  • AZ: OTAKU: Everything You Need To Know
  • AZ: 5 Anime Concepts I'd Like To See
  • Dear God of Anime
  • Re:Zero is NO Masterpiece (But It's Still Damn Entertaining)
  • US Election Results: Anime Edition
  • A Beginner's Guide to Making Anime
  • Why Naruto DOES Have Some of the Best Fights in Anime!
  • If Anime Descriptions Were Accurate
  • The Perfect Anime
  • Why Isn't SAO Dead Already?
  • How SAO: ORDINAL SCALE could've been GREAT! [Spoiler Discussion]
  1. 6 More BRILLIANT Fights in Anime


Gigguk's Patreon Introduction

Hi, I'm Gigguk and I quit my job to make dank anime videos.

AZ Why I quit my job to make Anime Videos-0

AZ Why I quit my job to make Anime Videos-0

Gigguk's Patren Introduction Video

I'm an idiot.

Yes, I'm just a dumb guy who loves making videos about anime, so much so I'm attempting to make this my full-time job because I really love doing this. If I can raise around $2500/month I can make this a reality, if not then I'll have to return to my old career path after around 6-12 months when my savings for this little venture runs out. I'm just a guy shooting for my dreams and could use a little help to get there.

I set this page up so I can continue to do what I'm doing but don't plan on stopping there. I have many big ideas I'd like to do and I want to be able to work on bigger projects that I would be unable to accomplish myself and really push this anime community further, so any money I make that doesn't go towards my living costs I'd like to reinvest into bigger and better content.

If you'd like to support me on this journey I'm taking then I will be eternally grateful to you, and if not then I appreciate the time you've taken to read this anyways.

Reward Goals

  1. Pledge $1 or more per month
    1. Eternal Gratitude: This includes a massive hug if I see you in person.
  2. Pledge $2 or more per month
    1. Monthly Giveaway: Every month I will be giving away some anime figurines/merchandise that I have to one of my patrons. At this reward tier, you will be entered into the draw for the giveaway, and if you are chosen I'll cover the shipping costs wherever you are in the world. Keep an eye out on the feed to see what I am giving away every month!
  3. Pledge $3 or more per month
    1. Patreon Only Feed: I don't really update my social media much on what I'm working on so I'll put in extra work to make this feed a Newsletter/Blog type thing. Any project updates and funny stories I have when making new videos I'll put in here, and also any life updates if anyone cares about them. Previous rewards also included.
      1. BONUS REWARD: If I ever need to run a poll to decide on future video topics you will have voting rights!
  4. Pledge $5 or more per month
    1. Access to all Scripts + Scrapped Ideas: At this tier, you will have access to all the scripts I've made (as long as I can find them) along with any scripts for reviews and parodies that I have scrapped with no interest in reviving. This includes my infamous "Part 2 of Big 3 Rant" (Which is best, Naruto, Bleach or One Piece?) script that I never released! Previous rewards also included.
  5. Pledge $10 or more per month
    1. Access to Behind the Scenes + Bloopers: At this tier, you will get access to any behind the scenes footage and blooper reels that I make! I will be making commentaries on big videos that I release so you can know all the inside details and stories to my inspirations and how they were made! Previous rewards also included.
  6. Pledge $20 or more per month
    1. Credits in Video Description: Once a month your name will be credited in one of my reviews, rants, or parodies. Maybe now you'll have a reason to read the video description! Previous rewards also included.
  7. Pledge $30 or more per month
    1. Google Hangouts: I love meeting you guys, so much so that most of my close friends now are people I met who were fans of my content (none of them are fans anymore, they just think I'm a dick.) I would get to know all if you if I could, but there are so many of you now! At this tier I'll be doing a monthly Google Hangouts where I'll be able to get to know a few of you personally, maybe we'll hang out and talk or maybe we'll chill and watch some anime. Not that I ever want to put a price on hanging out if you see me in person, but I can only be at so many places at once! Previous rewards also included.
  8. Pledge $50 or more per month
    1. On Camera Shout-Out: Once a month I will give you a shout-out at the end of one of my videos. Of course I can't spend half of every video shouting out names so places for this are limited. Previous rewards also included.
  9. Pledge $100 or more per month
    1. Personal Consultation: I've been making YouTube videos for nearly a decade now, and I've gained a lot of experience in making various content, managing Podcasts and group Parodies, building an audience, and also real working experience managing projects for the BBC. At this tier, I will spend at least 45 mins a month helping you however you need, whether it be one on one tutorials on video making to overall advice on how you can improve your personal content and grow an audience. Of course, this is not limited to YouTube you may use my knowledge however you wish!

Stretch Goals

  1. $1,500 per month (REACHED)
    1. I'll be earning as much as a part-time worker and will be guaranteed able to support myself for at least a year before returning to a full-time career job.
  2. $2,500 per month (REACHED)
    1. Quitting my job was a successful life decision and I'll be able to continue doing this as my job once my savings run out
  3. $3,500 per month (REACHED)
    1. I'll be able to hire a full-time editor to help me pump out smaller projects at a faster schedule. This includes reviews, rants and small parodies (such as Anime in Minutes)
  4. $4,500 per month (REACHED)
    1. Might as well put another small goal before being able to spend all the dosh on bigger projects. At this goal, I'll start a monthly anime Podcast/Livestream similar to the Patreon launch stream. Most likely it'll be the people I'll be working with on the bigger projects on my next goal.
  5. $6,000 per month (NOT REACHED)
    1. At this goal I can get the equipment I need and increase the team I have to pursue bigger projects without affecting the release schedule of smaller projects. If we get close to this goal amount I will release the projects I have in mind, and the personnel needed to work on them.
  6. $10,000 per month (NOT REACHED)
    1. I could start looking towards some office space. It sounds like a crazy idea now, but a man can dream.


PodTaku (2012-2016)

Gigguk was one of the four creators of the now-defunct podcast PodTaku, along with Arkada from Glass Reflection, Jeanne from Anime Appraisal, and Holden from HoldenReviews.


  1. A Goodbye to PodTaku
  2. PodTaku Episode 44: Be Kind Rewind
  3. PodTaku Episode 43: Sports Anime & Yaoi w/Thalializette
  4. PodTaku Episode 42: Tiger and Money w/Mike Oliveras
  5. PodTaku Episode 41: Limited Budget Works
  6. PodTaku Episode 40: Romance Anime Discussion
  7. PodTaku Episode 39: The Era of Manservice w/BaronJ
  8. PodTaku Episode 38: Animation Studio Hierarchy
  9. PodTaku Episode 37: The Time Skip Episode
  10. PodTaku Episode 36: The Evolution of Dubbing
  11. PodTaku Vlog 2 – Anime Central 2014 Panel (Second Impact)
  12. PodTaku Episode 35: Sequels – The (not so) Final Frontier
  13. PodTaku Vlog 1 – Anime Central 2014
  14. PodTaku Episode 34: The Real Con Blues
  15. PodTaku Episode 33: ACEN – The Final Countdown
  16. PodTaku Episode 32: Low Quality Bait
  17. PodTaku Episode 31: The Garden of Akiyuki Shinbo
  18. PodTaku Episode 30: DO YOU EVEN CIRCLE!?
  19. PodTaku Episode 29: We've Found You Waiting in the Summer
  20. PodTaku Episode 28: Christmas Special 2013
  21. PodTaku Episode 27: Combustion of the Jean Encyclopedia
  22. PodTaku Episode 26: It's Dandy Time!
  23. PodTaku Episode 25: ATaku on Hybu
  24. PodTaku Episode 24: Samurai Champloo ft. Ninouh
  25. PodTaku Episode 23: I Am Jack's Heavenly Feel
  26. PodTaku Episode 22: Family Friendly Beastiality
  27. PodTaku Live 1
  28. PodTaku Episode 21w: Lie Free and Mind the Gap
  29. PodTaku Episode 20: IT'S A GUNDAM
  30. PodTaku Episode 19: Holden's Gonna Do Some Holding
  31. PodTaku Episode 18: Kill Witches, Get Bitches
  32. PodTaku Episode 17: Attack on Shit
  33. PodTaku Episode 16: ROW ROW Fight Da Spoilahs!
  34. PodTaku Episode 15: The Void
  35. PodTaku Episode 14: The Drunk Cast
  36. PodTaku Episode 13: Purgatory, Conventions, and the West
  37. PodTaku Episode 12: The Mathematics of Moe
  38. PodTaku Episode 11: Holden and Gigguk's Bizarre Adventure
  39. PodTaku Episode 10: OBJECTION! Jeanne Fights All
  40. PodTaku Episode 9: Fate/Taku The Holy Dub War
  41. PodTaku Episode 8: The Disappearance of Arkada Suzumiya
  42. PodTaku Episode 7: The Podcast that Leapt Through Time
  43. PodTaku Episode 6: PodTAku Episode 5: The Christmas Special with Arkada, Gigguk, Jeanne, and Ho-Ho-Holden
  44. PodTaku Episode 4: IT'S SHIT!
  45. PodTaku Episode 3.33: Super Spontaneous Spoilerfic EVA Discussion
  46. PodTaku Episode 3: This is (Not) a Podcast
  47. PodTaku Episode 2: Dubs, Subs, and Homosexual Inclines
  48. PodTaku Episode 1: Brain Food for the Average Otaku
  49. PodTaku Episode 0: The Holden Encyclopedia

J-Taku (2012-2016)

J-Taku was a side podcast alongside PodTaku, where they could stay on topic and discuss more specific topics regarding anime and the anime industry. It ended not too long before PodTaku.


  1. J-Taku Episode 21: The Naruto Discussion
  2. J-Taku Episode 20: Aldnoah.Zero Discussion
  3. Top 10 J-Taku Moments
  4. J-Taku Episode 19: Fall 2014 Season Chart Discussion Part 2
  5. J-Taku Episode 18: Fall 2014 Season Chart Discussion Part 1
  6. J-Taku Episode 16: The Convention Survival Guide
  7. J-Taku Episode 15: Summer 2014 Discussion Part 2
  8. J-Taku Episode 14: Summer 2014 Discussion Part 1
  9. J-Taku Episode 13: Kill la Kill Series Discussion
  10. J-Taku Episode 11: Character Archetypes – Tsunderes, Yanderes, all the Deres
  11. J-Taku Episode 9: Long Anime – Are They Necessary?
  12. J-Taku Episode 8: MenTaku – Hentai, Sex, and Women
  13. J-Taku Episode 7: Soundtracks, Cowboy Bebop, and Samurai Champloo
  14. J-Taku Episode 3: RWBY Discussion
  15. J-Taku Extra: Google+ Ruins YouTube Comments!
  16. J-Taku Episode 2: Evangelion 3.33 Discussion
  17. J-Taku Episode 1: Kill la Kill Episode 1 Discussion

Trash Taste (2020-present)

Trash Taste is a weekly podcast founded and hosted by Gigguk together with his friends and fellow youtubers, Joey (The Anime Man ) and Connor (CDawgVA ).


  1. The Worst Anime Podcast Has Arrived | Trash Taste #1
  2. The Struggles of Life in Japan | Trash Taste #2
  3. The Anime That Shaped Our Childhoods | Trash Taste #3
  4. How to NOT Buy Anime Figures | Trash Taste #4
  5. Dont Be a YouTuber in Japan (ft. Abroad in Japan) | Trash Taste #5
  6. Don't Watch Anime to Learn Japanese | Trash Taste #6
  7. The Internet Kinda Sucks Right Now | Trash Taste #7
  8. We Don't Understand Anime Games | Trash Taste #8
  9. Japan's Earthquakes Are Terrifying | Trash Taste #9

Guest Appearances


  1. MangaPod Book Club Episode 131: Barakamon (Volumes 1-3 and Chapters 1-26)
  2. MangaPod Book Club Episode 152: Sweet Guy (Chapters 1 - 32) ft. Gigguk!

The Weekly Weebcast

  1. HalloweebCast - Horror Anime Recommendations ft. Gigguk and Digibro
  2. Just Talking with Anime YouTubers about Digibro's Drama for like Four Hours Oh God What Have We Done


Over the years, Gigguk has received criticism from people in two particular areas. The first is that people have always called him, (and still kind of do to a certain extent), a Yahtzee ripoff, the game reviewer from the Escapist website; to refute this, Gigguk claims that he was at first, but he feels he's more honest nowadays since he hasn't actually watched any of Yahtzee's work in years. The second is that he does very little "reviewing" in his videos; the majority of his videos are comedic in nature, with a small bit of critique thrown in every so often.

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