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GioFilms (born: April 12, 2004 (2004-04-12) [age 16]), is an Australian YouTuber who uploads videos of him voice acting various Reddit readings. These Reddit readings come from popular posts from popular subreddits, such as r/therewasanattempt, r/crappydesign, r/choosingbeggars, etc.


As stated above, GioFilms's content consists of many Reddit readings.


A popular subreddit which consists of people and brands trying to make a product, picture, or something else of that nature but failing at it. In GioFilm's video series of r/crappydesign, he will either read a phrase in broken English or comment on a messed up picture. A recurring joke in the series is GioFilms expressing his dismay for people putting pictures on cars, windows, or doors; as the pictures usually end up looking hilariously messed up.


A popular subreddit which consists of pictures of hilariously bad knock-off brands. In these videos, GioFilms comments on, makes fun of, or laughs at pictures of off-brand products, usually questioning how some of these knock-off brands can be that bad.


A subreddit showcasing logos that have been cleanly edited. Gio usually comments, laughs or makes fun of the edited logos, as some of them sound like complete gibberish. He may "dislike" the sbubbys, but is normally making jokes. However, he is not in favor of Lenowo.


A popular subreddit consisting of stories about adults who are extremely entitled of themselves and (most commonly) demand certain things for their child. In one such story, the entitled parent tried to steal an inflatable pool off of private property; in another, the entitled mother tried to steal a wheelchair from the disabled OP. Gio usually expresses disappointment to the entitled parents when he is reading the Reddit page. "Karen"

Other Reddit readings

GioFilms has posted several other Reddit readings of different subreddits, such as r/dontfundmer/woooosh, r/iamverysmart, r/boneappletea, r/oopsdidntmeanto, r/softwaregore and several others.


  • He owns a dog named "Elle".
  • He has heterochromia, a disorder that makes one of your eyes a different color than the other.

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