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That's all today, Peace out

―Glaswegian BR's video outro

Glaswegian BR (born: October 1997 [Age 22]), is a Scottish YouTuber who's channel focus is on the Legacy of Kain video game series, and is the host of the podcast 5GTS (5 Guy's Talking Sh*te).

Having Returned to YouTube Early April 2018, Glaswegian BR resumed posting content for the Legacy of Kain series of Video Games. Gradually shifting to the video game Quake Champions, before it's inevitble failure due to lack of a player count in the games fandom. 

Podcast and Interviews

.in Late may of 2018, Glaswegian BR and friends began the 5 Guys talking sh*ite podcast. The podcast covers topics from Gaming, Online events, news and goings on aroudn the world.  As it is quite an adult show, Where controversial Opinions and harsh language is used, the title was shortened to "5GTS" to avoid YouTube striking it down. 

BR also has a side project linked to the same podcast called "Chatting with" A new series that began January 2019, where BR interviews Figures from backgrounds such as Gaming and elsewhere.  His recent interview was with Daniel Cabuco, the Art Director from the Legacy of Kain series, and has proved Popular among it's fan base. 

Second Channel

BR has a second Channel Titled "Glaswegian BR 2". While not subscribed to as vastly as his main is, this channel focuses on Recordings of Concerts he attends, and the aptly dubbed "Sh*tty Sh*tty Sh*tposts" playlist. 

While more of a personal YouTube, He will often promote it at the end of his more recent videos.


  • Glaswegian BR's Real name is Matt GJ McCann. This can be seen in Certain Video's where his Gamertag or  username is set to his real name.
  •  Glaswegian BR's username is the Combination of his home town in Scotland, Glasgow, and his favourtie Weapon from the Halo Series of Video Games. The Battle Rifle
  • BR's sub count is currently over 600, but due to his Absence, his views are at a low number.
  • He actually started YouTube in 2008 as "BrandonleeReborn" when he was 10, but the channel has since been scrubbed and left dormant
  • BR Appeared as a special guest on an Episode of Let's play: Soul Reaver by the Gaming Group "Player Ready?"
  • Will often times be seen Lighting up a cigarette, either for comedic effect at end of video, or as a break from Streaming on Twitch
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