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Golden Ninja 50 has more than One Million Subscribers
Golden Ninja 50 plays video games
Golden Ninja 50 creates meme videos
Golden Ninja 50 is from the United States
Golden Ninja 50 is male
Golden Ninja 50 created their account in 2016
Golden Ninja 50 is a Content Creator on YouTube

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Golden Ninja 50 is an American gaming YouTuber who is known for his variety of Roblox content. He had an old channel and has been a YouTuber since 2015, but with this account, he joined YouTube on August 24, 2016.


He uploads a wide variety of Roblox content, whether it would be Roblox comedy/meme videos or even livestreams. His most popular videos are Roblox-related memes such as "Give Me Robux" (which is one of his most popular videos), and since Roblox memes have made him gain popularity, these are the type of videos he primarily uploads as he became more popular. Though, sometimes, he uploads some other Roblox videos, such as videos revolved around the Roblox experience Tower of Hell.


Golden Ninja 50 usually attempts to make double daily uploads, which means he would upload two videos a day. Moreover, he tends to livestream on his YouTube channel on a daily basis at 7PM EST.