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Gone to the Snow Dogs is an American YouTube channel that was created on November 29, 2009, for Jessica and her husband Jamie to upload videos of their huskies. The first video was uploaded to the channel on November 29 and they have over 462k+ subscribers. They also have a vlog channel called Snow Dogs Vlogs (previously named Without The Snow Dogs), and a gaming/toy review channel called ArcadeSnowDogs.


The channel is all about Siberian Huskies Memphis and Kira (also Shiloh, Oakley, and Shelby, Shiloh passed over the Rainbow Bridge on January 17th, 2013 Oakley joined her on August 18th, 2018 And Shelby joined them on September 5th, 2019). This channel posts fun videos showing things that dogs spending time with the owner, and they also post videos to help people learn how to take care of dogs.

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