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Greg Morgan, better known online as GoodMicWork Commentaries, is an American YouTuber well known for his wrestling commentaries, reviews and reactions.


Greg currently lives in San Diego, California as he watched wrestling since around 1978 or 1979. He created his YouTube channel in 2009 and uploaded commentaries on wrestling events such as RAW, Smackdown, Pay Per Views and more. Morgan had rarely appeared on camera until 2018 where he started to watch along on wrestling shows. He is also a big fan of cam girls. In many videos, he has said I love watching those cam girls.


  • Greg's 10 favourite wrestlers consist of:
    • Bret Hart
    • Macho Man Randy Savage
    • Stone Cold Steve Austin
    • Shawn Michaels
    • The Undertaker
    • Kurt Angle
    • Ric Flair
    • Brock Lesnar
    • Mr Perfect
    • Chris Jericho
    • John Cena
    • The rock
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