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GoodTimesWithScar (birthday: August 19) is an American Minecraft gamer known for his building tutorials and Hermitcraft series in the popular game Minecraft.


Before starting YouTube, Scar was a varsity swimmer. During his freshmen year of high school, he swam the 500 freestyle at state and was Top 5 in the state.

Scar started his YouTube channel in 2011 with Call of Duty videos before transitioning his channel to Minecraft. A talented photographer and painter, he uses his knowledge of painting and landscape photography to add realism to his highly detailed Minecraft builds.

At age sixteen, Scar became ill, and was later diagnosed with an unnamed neuromuscular disease. Because of his neuromuscular disease, he uses a wheelchair and oxygen. He occasionally goes on hiatus due to his illness.

Scar was invited to be a part of Hermitcraft season four in which he built a frontier outpost as his base. In season five of Hermitcraft, he created a futuristic city and the large underground community area and, in season 6, he has built a volcano with a pirate themed cave inside, as well as putting a lot of work into the concorp headquarters with Cubfan135.


GoodTimesWithScar has created many YouTube videos, mostly Minecraft associated, and creates tutorials on how to build houses ranging from craftsman, rustic, traditional and modern art styles. Scar has also played on many servers with other YouTubers such as Cubfan135, and, as of February 2016, on Hermitcraft. He has also played other games besides Minecraft such as The Forest, Planet Coaster, and Prison Architect to list a few.

Scar is also a Disney fan. He grew up visiting Disneyland, and always wanted to be an Imagineer. He utilizes his knowledge of theme park design in his builds, most notably in his Scarland Rollercoaster. He also has an extensive collection of Disney memorabilia, and Disney is a frequent topic of discussion on his Twitch streams.


Scar's pet cat, Jellie, is loved by fans of his and even exists inside of Scar's massive Minecraft survival world, Scarland. Jellie likes to sit on Scar's internet router. She also won the "Minecraft Cat Contest", and became the ninth cat to be added to the game.


Jellie, Scar's cat, causing mischief


Jellie added to Minecraft.


  • He has two older brothers.
  • He hates snakes.
  • His favorite color is orange.
  • He is dyslexic.


  • “Hello my fellow miners and crafters, GoodTimesWithScar here”- Intro.
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