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Giovanni, better known online as Goose Wayne Batman, is an American YouTuber who gained much online notoriety after appearing with Kalan, his fiancée, on the Dr Phil show[1][2], where he expressed that he believes he is a "real-life superhero", and being reacted by PewDiePie in a video that since has been privated, possibly by PewDiePie himself. He is featured on a song by Party In Backyard, named "Milk Go Blah Blah"[3], as the lead vocals and main actor on the music video.

Early Life

After joining the army on a whim at the age of 21, Goose knew that helping people was what he was destined to do. The only thing left was that he needed an alter ego. Unlike the real Bruce Wayne who took the form of what he was afraid of, this man took the form of what he admired most. Bent on helping the innocent, and maybe even coming home with some beers, this real-life caped crusader would hit the streets of Florida dawning the signature Batman mask.

The hero's good deeds have not gone unnoticed, especially by Joker 305. The two Florida residents have been going at it online as of late resulting in Goose Wayne putting several Joker wannabes behind bars. Some have even threatened his life.


  • He was being bullied at school for not knowing English and being a weirdo.
  • He found out that "Gus Weyn" in Somalian pronounced Goose Wayne, meaning "Big Penis".
  • He is also a musician.


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