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Got Talent Global is a YouTube channel that uploads clips from international versions of the British talent show television format Got Talent.


Got Talent was first proposed in 2005 by creator and judge of The X Factor Simon Cowell. The concept was for an extensive televised talent competition on which participants could be of any age, gender, race, and background, and they would perform before a live audience and a panel of judges. The format was originally proposed to British television network ITV, who agreed to pilot an episode.

After the pilot proved successful, work began on producing a season of the competition for British television, but was suspended after its intended host entered into a dispute with ITV and ultimately ended their involvement with the network. Because of this, Simon Cowell decided to instead promote the show to American networks sooner than originally planned, eventually gaining the interest of American television network NBC, who agreed to broadcast a pilot on their 2006 summer schedule.

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