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GunVsGun a YouTube channel run by Canadian brothers Terrible Tommy and Danny. They mostly do Nerf battles inside and mostly outside.

Other Channels

Big Boy Toys

On Wednesday, July 12, 2017, Tommy and Danny then have a vlogging channel, Big Boy Toys. There was also a giveaway. The first 100,000 people subscribed to the channel had a chance to win a free tablet that they announced in their channel trailer in their main channel, GunVsGun. The channel hasn't started yet and with no videos but the first video will be coming soon.

Nerf Superheroes!

GunVsGun/Tommy and Danny also has another channel called Nerf Superheroes. Nerf Superheroes is the same thing as GunVsGun, but every person in Nerf Superheroes are as superheroes.

There are superheroes such as Batman and Joker making videos of these superhero Nerf wars.



Tommy Gun (also known as Terrible TommyRocker Cyborg or simply Tommy), is one half of the duo known as GunVsGun. He is an unemployed, perverted male often warring against his brother, Danny, with Tommy's immoral and often illegal actions prompting violent conflicts with Nerf guns. Tommy has amassed a significant kill total against his sibling, with an apparent majority in all GunVsGun battles.


Danny Gun (also known as Machine Gun DanMachine Gun Danny or simply Danny) is one half of the GunVsGun duo. He is a working class citizen who often reflects the "good" moral compass of the Gun brothers, although with occasional exceptions. This places him at constant odds with his brother Tommy who seeks to pursue his dangerous lifestyle, often at the expense of Danny himself.

Illegal Nerf Gun Mod(s)

How To

You will need a gun that shoots phone darts, a phone dart and some bebe's.

The mod is to make your ammo real as a real gun shooting with a Nerf gun.

  1. Pick up a phone dart
  2. Pick up a bebe
  3. Insert bebe into phone dart.

All these 3 steps will mod your Nerf Gun that shoots phone darts.

There is also a way to mod your Nerf Mega-darts with your Nerf Mega Gun. Modding the Nerf Mega Gun, is not the same way as doing it with a gun that shoots phone darts.

  1. Get a mega Nerf dart.
  2. Get a regular Nerf dart.
  3. Pick up a bebe.
  4. Insert bebe into regular Nerf dart.
  5. Insert illegally modded regular dart into the mega dart.


Modding the regular Nerf darts, DO NOT ever shoot one of the Nerf darts, unless you intend to.

DO NOT EVER attempt to mod your mega darts. It is a REAL DANGEROUS mod more than the elite one. Do not try it anywhere. The mod is not for you to attempt to. The mods are invented by Tommy Gun. Mod the darts at your own risk.


Illegal Nerf Gun Mod

Illegal Nerf Gun Mod

INSANE NERF MOD (Do not try this at home)

INSANE NERF MOD (Do not try this at home)

All Other Channels

  • GunVsGun
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