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HDCYT is the English YouTube account created by the parents of the mother of Charlie and Harry Davies-Carr. The account is mostly notable for its debut video Charlie bit my finger - again ! which became extremely viral, and became the most viewed video on YouTube until 2010. The video made the channel so popular that HDCYT is still inside the top 300 channels in video views.

Charlie Bit My Finger - Again!

Charlie Bit My Finger - Again ! is the most viewed video on the HDCYT channel, due to its viral success. The video almost singlehandedly gave the channel over 300,000 subscribers. Due to the immense success of Charlie Bit My Finger - Again!, the family decided to upload more videos. Currently, they still do but very rarely, not as relatively consistent as before.

As of July 2017, their most viewed video has been viewed nearly 900,000,000 times making up nearly all of it's 1.0 billion views in a total of the channel.

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