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Kyle Morgan Grant (born: September 24, 2001 (2001-09-24) [age 18]), better known online as Hadrosaur838, is an American YouTuber who makes videos about dinosaurs and other things.


Many of the movies on the channel are incomplete, like "The Animals: Band of Misfits" as well as "Dinosaur Tale." But there are two complete movies on the channel.

Dinosaur Watership

Realesed in 2015, Dinosaur Watership revolves around a dinosaur called Noasaurus trying to lead a herd of mixed species to safety. The movie is divided into ten parts that range from eight to fifteen minutes long (as the case with part seven). This movie is often frowned upon by the creator himself.

Dinosaur Watership 2

Released on Nov. 4th, 2019, DInosaur Watership 2 is the sequel to its predecessor, Dinosaur Watership. The movie follows many of the same characters on a new journey to find another home in the aftermath of a volcanic eruption. Little do they know that something sinister lies beneath. It's only a matter of time before a dark secret is finally revealed. The movie is once again divided into ten parts, this time with a more consistent time of around 15 minutes (the only exceptions being parts 1, 2, and 10(Part 1 has 5 minutes, part 2 has 14 minutes, part 10 has 12 minutes).

Both DInosaur Watership and Dinosaur Watership 2 have a similar plot to HoopsAndDinoMan's A/Another Dinosaur Story.


Dino Island: Reborn (Chronicles of the Aurora Archipelago)

Dino Island: Reborn is a series made by Hadrosaur838 Chronicling the lives of the prehistoric fauna that live on Isla Borealis. Unfortunately, the series was canceled during the production of Season One. Only six episodes have been released. But, the creator has stated that it isn't going to stop him from finishing episode 7 before settling.

The Hadrosaur838 Series

The Hadrosaur838 Series is the main series of the channel. It follows many anthropomorphic animals as well as several existing characters in the form of a ficticious family as they struggle with every day things. It is noted that the series is not meant for audiences under 14 years, due to the actions and strong language of the characters and concepts.

Figure Reviews

Figure reviews are a little less frequent than some of his other videos. He has 13 actual reviews and 1 unboxing. He has also created a playlist for these videos. Kyle has unfortunately stopped making reviews due to his fear of the COPPA Update.

Shadow the Red Panda

Kyle's second channel, named after one of his characters, isn't given as much attention as the main channel. As expected there is no set schedule here either and videos are less frequent.


  • Kyle's lifestyle leans to be more introverted rather than extroverted. Although this is great for making videos, Kyle is unfortunately lazy which is why he dosen't schedule any of his videos. He treats them as more of a hobby, despite trying to make a carrer out of it.
  • Kyle has confirmed on his DeviantArt that he has a form of Low Grade Depression, which may also factor into his videos' production. This has also been done on Shadow the Red Panda.
  • Kyle owns two Shih Tzus named Barney and Snoopy.
  • Kyle's primary editing tool is Powerdirector.
  • Kyle has also confirmed that he has an alter ego knwon as the Blazin' Blaizian, which is basically just him as a rapper. He has tried his hand at rapping, but to no real avail.


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End card for Shadow the Red Panda.

H838 KMG IRL02

Kyle's alter ego.

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