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Joshua Hans Vito, better known online as Hans Vito, is an Indonesian-American self-proclaimed actor, and YouTuber. He is best known for his badly-made music covers, which it deemed hilarious according to his viewers.

In the past, he created his old channel with the same name as his new channel. When he has forgotten his password to the old channel, he created a new channel by the same name.

He is often mistaken as a girl due to his towel/pajamas covering his hair, and his high voice. This causes his fans to create a war to reveal that if he is a boy or a girl.

Due to his greenscreen, he has frequently seen with his legs cut out. This causes to create a fact which is based on the thing that PewDiePie has no legs, though he claimed himself to be a mermaid as a response.[1]


  • He is often mislabeled as being Filipino-American.


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