HappiLeeErin focuses on Anime
HappiLeeErin is a Reviewer
HappiLeeErin is a Vlogger
HappiLeeErin reads books
HappiLeeErin is from the United States
HappiLeeErin is female
HappiLeeErin created their account in 2010
HappiLeeErin is a Content Creator on YouTube

Erin, better known online as HappiLeeErin, is an American anime and manga YouTuber known for her podcast called "Mangapod Book Club".

Personality & Background

Erin is a bubbly, spontaneous, random, outgoing, and sporadic woman who gets excited about things very easily. She makes it known all the time how much she loves Yaoi anime and manga, and her favorite anime of all time is Kuroko no Basuke. Erin is married to her husband David, and she has a baby girl. She also has a pet dog, who occasionally shows up in Mangapod randomly in comedic fashions.


Mangapod Book Club

Mangapod Book Club is a weekly podcast where four anime YouTubers talk about all or part of a manga with "friendship, love, and lots and lots of spoilers" as Erin puts it. They go into extreme detail about the manga they read. The standard members are Erin herself, Dodger from PressHeartToContinue, Yokurama from YokuramaGameTalk, and SBTW Anime Reviews (Sitting By The Window Anime Reviews), and former member DoctorDazza from (FightingforNippon), and they also occasionally have special guests with them as well. Some of the favorite Mangapods amongst their fans are that of Tower of God and Berserk.



Normal Mangapod Crew

  1. Yokurama
  2. LouTalksAnime
  3. Dodger from PressHeartToContinue
  4. HappiLeeErin

Former Normal Mangapod Members

  1. FightingforNippon

Mangapod Guests

  1. 42Believer
  2. BaronJ
  3. Cry
  4. ProfessorOtaku
  6. Digibro
  7. Alex the Kami
  8. MissArt
  9. HoldenReviews
  10. GRArkada
  11. DisturbedJeans
  12. BakaShift
  13. Lanleaf
  14. Vernon from HotPepperGaming
  15. Thatlializette
  16. Ebbie
  17. Dakota Broskie
  18. MrRandomBadger
  19. MrAjCosplay
  20. Subs and Dubs Reviews
  21. Glen
  22. Nick Robinson
  23. ErikaSzabo
  24. NintendoFanFTW
  25. Octopimp
  26. Chad
  27. Zorofanboy124
  28. Sachi
  29. Thalia
  30. TenseiTwister
  31. FulloAnime
  32. Endless Jess
  33. ChaseFace
  34. Randomsama613
  35. Under the Scope Reviews (Jack)
  36. NineOuh/JimiJJ (Jimi)
  37. BestGuyEver
  38. Sailor Bee/Victoria Holden
  39. Jimmy Whetzel
  40. Strippin'
  41. Mother's Basement (Goeff Thew)
  42. AnimeIntensity
  43. Ray
  44. Sheena
  45. MrNiesGuy
  46. Mathwiz97


  • Erin also does anime first impressions, unboxings, as well as mental health awareness videos, mainly because she herself has bipolar disorder.
  • She's known for her random, outgoing, sporatic personality.
  • Mangapod is now available to be downloaded in an audio version on iTunes.
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