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Harry Bolton-Westhead (born January 21, 2003 (2003-01-21) [age 17]), better known online as Harryz, is an English YouTuber who was born in Wolverhampton, England. He uploads random non-gaming videos, akin to JackSucksAtLife & WillNE. He has a second channel named HarryzGaming where he posts content, less related to his main channel.


  • Hermione (full name Hermione Simpson), Harry's girlfriend. Hermione has been in multiple videos, such as "Playing Google Feud With My Girlfriend!" and "boyfriend & girlfriend answer awkward questions..."


Harry uploads a few times a week.

Gaming Set-Up

Harry's computer is custom-built. He built it with his dad.

PC Specs

  • CPU Intel Core i5-6500
  • GPU NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060
  • MOTHERBOARD Gigabyte H110M-S2H
  • RAM HyperX FURY Black 16 GB DDR3 CL10 DIMM
  • SSD 128 GB
  • HDD 2 TB
  • PSU EVGA SuperNOVA 750W
  • CASE NZXT H200 Mini-ITX PC Gaming Case

Harry currently has a single monitor. The microphone he uses is a Blue Snowball. Harry uses NVIDIA GeForce Experience to capture his screen and then edits his videos using Sony Vegas. Harry creates all his thumbnails.

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