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Boo, I'm Hauntsii!

―Hauntsii’s Intro

Hauntsii is an American gaming YouTuber from Bryant, AR.[1] He is well-known for primarily playing Survival Horror games, but plays all types on his channel.


Hauntsii is an American let's player who has gained over 50,000 subscribers. In addition to posting videos daily, he also has a series every Saturday called Haunts Day, which consists of normal "YouTuber" style talk-to-the-camera videos or challenges.[2]

Gaming Videos + Series

Hauntsii has played hundreds of games from multiple genres including Survival Horror, Horror RPG, Survival Adventure, Indie and more. A full list of games played can be found HERE.


Alongside playing multiplayer games with his personal life friends, Hauntsii has done many videos with other notable YouTubers, including EntoanThePack, dlive22891, LordMinion777, TheRPGMinx, GarukuBluemoon and more.[3]


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