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Jack Rose, better known online as HeadbanginZombie, is a English YouTuber mostly known for his gaming videos and entertaining commentary.


Personal Life

  • Jack is currently living in England.

Games Jack Has Played

This list includes all of the games has played as of November 30, 2019.

  1. (Played once)
  2. Amnesia: The Dark Descent (Played three times)
  3. Call of Duty: Black Ops 3
  4. Chivalry: Medieval Warfare (Played twice)
  5. Dead By Daylight
  6. Eviebot (Played once)
  7. Five Nights at Freddy's (Played once)
  8. Five Nights at Freddy's: Multiplayer
  9. Garry's Mod
  10. Goat Simulator (Played once)
  11. Heroes of the Storm (Played twice)
  12. Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft (Played four times)
  13. Left 4 Dead 2
  14. Minecraft (Played five times)
  15. Monstrum (Played three times)
  16. Notes of Obsession (Played once)
  17. Outlast
  18. Overwatch
  19. Rift (Played once)
  20. Soma
  21. Skyrim
  22. Tom Clancy's The Division (Played once)
  23. The Elder Scrolls Online (Played three times)
  24. World of Warcraft (Played twice)
  25. Mordhau
  26. Hunt: Showdown
  27. Call of Duty: Black Ops

Upload Milestones


The Funniest/Strangest/Worst Things ever said Quotes

  • "Oh lovely"
  • "Oh Asians"
  • "I'm actually a tranny"
  • "I can taste your d*ck"
  • "Look f*cking straight boy"
  • "He's got one fit white mum"
  • "There's some f*cking Asians"
  • "Who f*cking touched me radio"
  • "Spread your legs upon his p*nis"
  • "The church of crippled by Asians"
  • "I'm gonna send out my little gay-uv"
  • "F*cking kill your mother, you're a sl*t"
  • "That guy had a d*ck the size of an SMG"
  • "When this gets sexual, i'm gonna get so horny"
  • "There's a giant p*nis, there's literally a giant p*nis"
  • "We can have sex together and have mutant babies"
  • "These 'hoodies' with the bling bling east side baby"
  • "He's in the doorway and he's looking for some babies"
  • "If Luke's the alien then we are mega mega wangholed"
  • "Every man deserves to lick his own d*ck here and there"
  • "Why did you come in the shower with me, you creepy turd"
  • "I am a beast, crawling through the marshes, with my c*ck hanging out"
  • "I need your p*nis, I need your p*nis, I need your p*nis, I need your p*nis"
  • "Some guy dropped on me like j*zz.. You know when the c*m falls right on your face"
  • "Next time that alien comes up right? I'm gonna make sure i sexually become active"

Chivalry: The Funniest Moments Quotes

  • "Oh f*ck off"
  • "Oh f*cking hell"
  • "You're such a whore"
  • "Get knocked the f*ck out"
  • "I'm just dinging the dingers"
  • "Dan you're such a f*cking horse c*ck"
  • "Stick him in the anus under the bridge"
  • "He's actual w*nking testicles and i f*cking hate him because he's f*cking b*llsh*t"

Chivalry Medieval Warfare: The Funniest & Craziest Moments Quotes

  • "F*ck off"
  • "Ooh lezbies"
  • "This is racism"
  • "F*cking MILF"
  • "I broke me eggs"
  • "Guys i'm on fire"
  • "Ooh bloody hell"
  • "Ooh bloody nora"
  • "Your arm came off"
  • "C*cky little b*stard"
  • "He's pre-ejaculated"
  • "You got f*cked up Jack"
  • "Go away you bonersaurus"
  • "We're getting proper juicy over here"
  • "I'm trying to re-gain health you little scrub"
  • "I'm going to be inducted into FaZe for this"
  • "Now you're stuck in a corner you little scrubberdubber"
  • "Come here you f*cking little overgrown b*stard, i'll f*ck your nan" Quotes

  • "Japan you greedy bastard"
  • "I can fly with me two ballsacks"
  • "If anyone can eat eight balls it's me"
  • "Holy s**t his penis exploded in my face"
  • "How are you feeling now you blue prick?"
  • "Brazil's coming in like a f**king crazy bastard"
  • "Tiger ballsack I would like you to leave me alone"
  • "Nick you dirty f**k I don't want to touch your penis"
  • "I love this game because l've eaten balls, I'm used to that"

Monstrum Quotes

  • "You c**k"
  • "f**k sake"
  • "F**k me"
  • "Holy s**t"
  • "Oh testicles"
  • "F**king c**k"
  • "How the f**k?"
  • "Holy f**king tits"
  • "Your an wank S**t"
  • "Jason you bastard"
  • "Oh Jasmine chickens"
  • "I need the good s**t now"
  • "F**king Fred you bastard"
  • "What the pissing s**t flaps?"
  • "Holy chickens in my ketchup dip"
  • "Oh French stick dip it in the custard"
  • "Oh f**k an duck right in the quacker"
  • "Oh f**k an duck and call him Harold"
  • "I think this is an guaranteed s**t idea"
  • "F**king jasmine rice you sexy bastard"
  • "I want to make a plastic chair made out of dildos"
  • "I'm gonna S**t myself so hard I'm gonna be able to taste with my a**"
  • "Oh if you ever needed to s**t yourself now is the time to let loose the canyon of s**t"

Notes of Obsession Quotes

  • "Go f**k yourself"
  • "You horny little bastard"
  • "Your some kind of Jesus"
  • "It's in the f**k bedroom isn't it?"
  • "F**k off, I don't want visitors there"
  • "He's having a wank on the sofa TV"
  • "Suck my d**k and call me Georgina"
  • "It's time to puck up or shut up, and I'm thinking of shutting up"
  • "Am I looking for f**king more bloody sh**ing f**king s**t f**ks?"

Outlast Quotes

  • "F**k it"
  • "Oh s**t"
  • "Oh f**k"
  • "F**k you"
  • "F**k that"
  • "S**t d**ks"
  • "F**king hell"
  • "Soggy d**ks"
  • "Your an d**k"
  • "French d**ks"
  • "We are f**ked"
  • "S**t in my d**k"
  • "All right you f**k boy"
  • "You can f**k yourself"
  • "F**king c**k in my a**"
  • "This is going to be fun"
  • "You can are f**k yourself"
  • "There is an d**k in my a**"
  • "You a**hole you fat a**hole"
  • "That is some f**ked up s**t"
  • "I'm going to get f**ked aren't"
  • "We got Jesus lucky right then"
  • "Oh yes you sexy f**king beast"
  • "We're gonna risk it for a biscuit"
  • "Put your d**k away for f**k sake"
  • "Holy crap he had his c**k removed"
  • "Boom shakalaka on an Wednesday"
  • "Where the f**k is the generator room?"
  • "We'll give him a little bit of time to f**k off"
  • "That shimmer in the glass f**ked me so hard"
  • "I don't want to lose my d**k, I like it where it is"
  • "I suppose we just go all rock out with a c**k out"
  • "He's an f**king MLG quickscoping troller this one"
  • "F**k it, I'm an man I do not get scared by this s**t"
  • "That was skidders in your jeans that's what that was"
  • "If you jump scare me I swear to God I'll punch you in the foot"
  • "If you had a f**king pump full of s**t where would you keep it?"
  • "He doesn't even shut the door on his way out, What an a**hole"
  • "There isn't as many d**ks in my a** as I first thought, Just mine"
  • "All right let's do what we do best, And that's sit on are a** and type"
  • "All I need now is an box full of water and escape and I'm f**king famous"
  • "You d**k you are strong and sturdy like a third grain Cleo from the Halfords"
  • "Oh d**ks, D**ks, D**ks, D**ks, D**ks, Big d**ks little d**ks all of them count"
  • "Rub the nipples touch the nose and let's get some hardcore footage for the YouTube action thriller"
  • "S**t I need to speed freak this, Don't worry though guys if anyone's good at speeding it's not me so we are screwed"
  • "Jesus and Jerome have entered the building at the same time, And they are not taking any s**t from f**king bastards like him"
  • "If you come in here I will beat the f**k out of you, I'm am Bruce Lee on steroids, I will f**king Jackie Chan your mom with my own vagina"

Skyrim Quotes

  • "Jesus"
  • "Oh s**t"
  • "Holy s**t "
  • "Oh F**k Me"
  • "Excuse me you dirty f**k"
  • "Damn right you overgrown p**sy" (when Jack killed a Saber-Toothed Tiger in Skyrim)

Quote From More Than One Game

  • "Oh c**k" ( and Monstrum)
  • "C**k" (Outlast and Notes of Obsession)
  • "Oh f**k me" (Outlast, Skyrim and Monstrum)
  • "Oh f**k me in the a**" (Outlast and Monstrum)
  • "Oh s**t" (, Outlast, Skyrim and Monstrum)
  • "For f**k's sake" (Outlast and Notes of Obsession)
  • "The f**k's that?" (Outlast and Notes of Obsession)
  • "Holy Jemima" (Monstrum and Notes of Obsession)
  • "Oh f**k" (Outlast, Monstrum and Notes of Obsession)
  • "Holy Jemima Jesus" Outlast and Notes of Obsession)


Jack's computer specifications are

  • XFX R7800 Ghost Edition
  • XMS 3 DDr3 Corsair Ram-2 Sticks of 8gb
  • 730 Watt Thermaltake Smart Series Power Supply
  • AMD FX 8320 Eight Core 3.5gz Processor (With Artic fan for cooling)
  • PGS AeroCool X-Preditor Evil Green Case
  • 2TB Hard Drive
  • 6 Fans all Green LED

Jack's Keyboard is an Razer Deathstalker.

Jack's Mouse is an Razer Deathadder.

Jack's Mouse Pad is an Razer Sphex.

Friends And Collaborations

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