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Steven Jauregui (born: February 7, 1991 (1991-02-07) [age 28]), better known as HeedandSucceed and EatandExceed, is a Hispanic-American YouTube commentator and vlogger. He is a lead member of the online collective True Forced Loneliness (TFL), alongside Oreo Man. He was born in what he describes as a 'rough neighborhood' in Los Angeles, California and later the Inland Empire, also known as Moreno Valley.

Early Life

During his teenage years, Jauregui experienced what he describes as "negative reinforcements" from the opposite sex.

In 2012, Heed began to make playlists and video compilations on American video streaming website, YouTube. His videos included (reuploaded) interviews, compilations & countdown videos based on professional boxers & wrestlers. Other topics range from from Pokemon Go, reviews of bikes, current events, and let's play's of the game Happy Wheels, among others. He also made a few guest appearances on Livestreams by dating and life coach Hasheem "Mr." Locario. His first TFL video was released in the crest May 2015, in which he explained that Locario is not getting women interested via his dialogical charm (more commonly known as 'game'). He is notable for being the most subscribed TFL channel, despite most subscriptions deriving from videos he made back in 2012-2014. As of 2018, he is still getting rejected by females, which he describes as "more fuel [being fed] into the monster inside"


Jauregui is a common believer that women only care about physical appearances. Despite the repeated reception to lose weight in order to improve his sexual market value, he repeatedly refuses. According to Heed himself, he has been experiencing passive rejection from women for over a decade. Although it is unclear if Heed has ever had an actual partner, he has admitted to having sex a couple times. Fortunately, he is currently in the process of getting in shape.

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