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Quentin Debode, better known online as Helium 5 (formerly Q Debode, BODE and bot Bode), is a Belgian streamer and YouTube vlogger, mostly known for the now cancelled Smosvlog series. He was also the founder of the Belgian YouTube Gatherings.


BODE started in October 2009. Over time, he's made several types of videos. He's had a news show, daily vlog, Q&A series, scripted vlog and more. Shortly after the end of Smosvlog, he took a break from YouTube. He returned to YouTube in January 2018.


Smosvlog was the video series of the popular student blog website Smosblog. The series focussed on several topics related on life as a student. Smosvlog lasted from September 2013 until November 2014[1]. In 2016, the Smosblog website itself shut down[2].


Helium-5 was a limited vlog series on Bode's main channel[3]. The first episode was uploaded in February 2018[4], with a new one following every other week. 'Chapter one' closed after ten episodes and no video has since been uploaded[5].

New channel and style

In January 2020, Bode launched a new channel with voice over videos. When launched, he also removed most of his older videos on all of his channel.

Live streaming

Bode started streaming on Twitch in October 2018[6]. Often streaming with other creators, he mostly plays Fortnite and occasionally tries out a new game. Since January 2020, Bode moved to Mixer.

Goe Gezelschap

Bode, alongside of his wife Liv, started a weekly podcast in June 2019[7]. The podcast is linked to a blog with the same name[8]. Episodes are available on most major streaming platforms.

Belgian YouTube Gathering

Debode is the founder of the Belgian YouTube Gathering.[9] He posted a video on 23 January 2013[10] asking people why there wasn't a gathering in Belgium yet, ultimately leading to him hosting the first one in August of that same year.[11] He partnered up with the Dutch YouTube Gathering, changing his title to "Co-Founder and Event Manager"[12].

After hosting three editions, Debode announced his departure from the BYTG event on his blog.[13] 

Personal life

Bode got married in August 2017 to Liv Van Oerle[14].


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