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Hello There!

―Obi-Wan Kenobi

HelloThereDaily is an English YouTuber that makes videos on the popular Star Wars meme, “Hello There.” They are also known for previously posting daily videos on Cherry Daily and Daily Dose of Ree.


HelloThere initially opened the YouTube channel in the year 2018 and also got a Discord server created by a user on the platform named Thomas. Later, Thomas’ ownership was transferred to HelloThereDaily. HelloThere’s channel and Discord server blew up due to them advertising their channel in comment sections of many YouTube videos. Many people had joined the Discord server before becoming dead at times due to mass pings by a user named Kelvin.

In late 2018, HelloThereDaily’s channel was terminated due to spam. After the termination, they attempted to make another channel with the same videos before it got terminated as well. After the termination of the two HelloThereDaily channels, HelloThere moved on to making different daily videos with Daily Dose of Ree, making a Discord server to go with it. When that channel started dying, they created a new channel and Discord server by the name of Cherry Daily. The Daily Dose of Ree server was transformed into a meme server after the discovery of HelloThere abandoning Daily Dose of Ree.

When Cherry Daily started dying, HelloThere recreated the HelloThereDaily channel and also was around the time the HelloThereDaily Discord server started getting active again. In the channel, they put more variety into the daily videos just in case of getting terminated again.

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