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Highlight History is an English YouTube channel which highlights important or interesting events or people throughout history. The channel is hosted by Simon Whistler, who also hosts several other YouTube channels; TopTenz, where he picks an interesting topic and creates a top 10 lists surrounding it, Today I Found Out, where goes in much more depth on a single topic, Biographics, where he goes in depth talking about specific people throughout history, Geographics, where he goes in depth with the history of specific interesting places from around the world, Business Blaze, where he goes in depth talking about interesting facts, including epic failures, of big businesses from around the world, both current ones and past ones, and Simon Whistler, his own personal vlogging channel.  

Simon Whistler

Simon Whistler was born and raised in the United Kingdom, on May 13, 1987, and is currently traveling around the world.  He's currently living in the Czech Republic, and has created traveling vlogs on his vlog channel documenting his experiences.  

Other Channels

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