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Yo yo yo what's happening guys, my name is Loggy...


Jassu, better known online as Hindustan Gamer Loggy (or just Loggy), is a Welsh gaming YouTuber, who generally makes GTA 5 and Minecraft videos. Unlike Pammi, whose videos are entirely in Hindi, Loggy's first language is preferably English, though he uses Hindi too.

Personal Life

Jassu was born in Wales. Not much information is available about his personal life, except the fact that he is a nephew of Pammi, also known as Chapati Hindustani Gamer.

YouTube Career

Jassu started his YouTube career at a very early age. Many of his viewers have speculated that his earlier voiceover reveals him to be about ten years old, though no actual confirmation has been made public by either of them. His channel's growth rate was extremely tedious during the beginning, until he started collaborating with his uncle on GTA 5 videos, mainly GTA Online heist missions.

Pammi, along with the collaboration, also advertised the channel, making it expand and blow up. Loggy plays GTA Online under the username loggy_0. Interestingly, Pammi's GTA Online username has a reference Loggy's real name (Jassu) on the username jassu_0. Once, while live-streaming, Pammi revealed Loggy's face. However, the live-stream was soon deleted, along with concerns of privacy problems. On a vlog on Pammi's second channel, "Churan", where Pammi visited Pakistan, a boy, also speculated to be about ten, appeared on the camera.

Soon, it spread around the community that the boy was Loggy. Pammi made a separate video regarding this "joke" - as he calls it - and confirmed that he was not Loggy. Since then, the channel has experienced steady growth, and he reached one million subscribers on June 8, 2020.

There has been multiple cases of fake face reveals about Loggy, and most of them were reportedly removed from YouTube. However, a video named "HINDUSTAN GAMER LOGGY FACE REVEAL | HINDUSTAN GAMER LOGGY REAL FACE | LOGGY FACE REVEAL FINALLY .." uploaded by exposer channel "NINJA GAMING" on August 24, 2019 lasts till date. At the point of 1:41, a boy is shown on the video, referred to as Loggy by him. However, the video is considered to be fake by the maximum, and there is still no confirmation if the video is true.

Collaboration Setup

Most of the times when Loggy collaborates with Chapati, he comes to his house and plays on his laptop. However, he sometimes plays from his own home. He even sometimes comes to stay with Chapati after examinations or break periods.

Subscriber Milestones

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  • 1 million subscribers: June 8, 2020
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