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Holden Bramley is an American YouTuber who made anime videos on his channel, HoldenReviews, which now goes by the name of Holden Casanova given that a notable claim of his would be that he is a devilishly handsome blonde-haired casanova.

He has made very few reviews in the past 3 years, and updates at a very slow pace. He also had a series called HoldenRants, of which there was only one episode. Many fans have given him the nickname of HoldenHiatus due to the lack of updates in the video department.

In 2018, Holden left YouTube as a whole to focus on his animation studio, Studio Lotus. And despite no longer making videos, he currently has 27,200 subscribers on his channel.

Good Friends on YouTube


Anime Reviews

  1. Bakemonogatari
  2. Kara no Kyoukai: An Overlooking View
  3. The World God Only Knows
  4. Rio Rainbow Gate
  5. Steins;Gate
  6. Nisemonogatari
  7. Ano Natsu de Matteru
  8. Another
  9. Highschool DxD
  10. Kara no Kyoukai: A Murder Study Part 1
  11. Black Rock Shooter
  12. Photo Kano
  13. Kill la Kill (April Fools)
  14. Noragami
  15. Kids Story (The Animatrix)
  16. The Mechanically Perverted: Robot on the Road


  1. New Anime Sucks!?

Other Videos

  1. HoldenReviews: The Past Year! 2014 Edition!
  2. Holden and Gigguk Stream
  3. HoldenReviews: The Past Year! 2015 Edition
  4. Holden Reviews 2017 Channel Update
  5. HoldenReviews April 1st Update 2017



Holden was one of the four main hosts on the now-defunct podcast known as PodTaku. He frequently appeared alongside that of Arkada from Glass Reflection, Gigguk from the Anime Zone, and Jeanne from Anime Appraisal (that is until she went on a 2 1/2 year-long hiatus). He would also occasionally appear on its sister podcast, J-Taku, which is a podcast for talking about more specific anime-related subjects, rather than just having general discussions about anything like PodTaku.

  1. PodTaku Vlog 2 - Anime Central 2014 Panel (Second Impact)
  2. PodTaku Vlog 1 - Anime Central 2014
  3. PodTaku Episode 34: The Real Con Blues
  4. PodTaku Episode 33: ACEN - The Final Count Down
  5. PodTaku Episode 32: Low Quality Bait
  6. PodTaku Episode 31: The Garden of Akiyuki Shinbo
  7. PodTaku Episode 30: DO YOU EVEN CIRCLE?!
  8. PodTaku Episode 29: We've Found You waiting in the Summer
  9. PodTaku Episode 28: Christmas Special 2013
  10. PodTaku Episode 27: Combustion of the Jean Encyclopedia
  11. PodTaku Episode 26: It's Dandy Time
  12. PodTaku Episode 25: AtTaku on Hypu
  13. PodTaku Episode 24: Samurai Champloo ft. Ninouh
  14. PodTaku Episode 23: I am Jack's Heavenly Feel
  15. PodTaku Episode 22: Family Friendly Beastiality

3PodTaku LIVE 1

  1. PodTaku Episode 21: Live Free and Mind the Gap
  2. PodTaku Episode 20: IT'S A GUNDAM
  3. PodTaku Episode 19: Holden's Gonna Do Some Holding
  4. PodTaku Episode 18: Kill Witches, Get Bitches
  5. PodTaku Episode 17: Attack on Shit
  6. PodTaku Episode 16: ROW ROW Fight Da Spoilahs!
  7. PodTaku Episode 15: The Void
  8. PodTaku Episode 14: The Drunk Cast
  9. PodTaku Episode 13: Purgatory, Conventions, and the West
  10. PodTaku Episode 12: The Mathematics of Moe
  11. PodTaku Episode 11: Holden and Gigguk's Bizarre Adventure
  12. PodTaku Episode 10: OBJECTION! Jeanne Fights All
  13. PodTaku Episode 09: Fate/Taku - The Holy Dub War
  14. PodTaku Episode 08: The Disappearance of Arkada Suzumiya
  15. PodTaku Episode 07: The Podcast that Leapt Through Time
  16. PodTaku Episode 06: The Winter Anime Chart, Sans Gigguk
  17. PodTaku Episode 05: The Christmas Special with Arkada, Gigguk, Jeanne, and Ho-Ho-#Holden
  18. PodTaku Episode 04: IT'S SHIT
  19. PodTaku Episode 03.33: Super Spontaneous Spoilerfic EVA Discussion
  20. PodTaku Episode 03: This Is (Not) A Podcast
  21. PodTaku Episode 02: Dubs, Subs, and Homosexual Inclines
  22. PodTaku Episode 01: Brain Food for the Average Otaku
  23. PodTaku Episode 00: The Holden Encyclopedia


  1. J-Taku Episode 21: The Naruto Discussion
  2. J-Taku Episode 20: Aldnoah.Zero Discussion
  3. J-Taku Episode 19: Fall 2014 Season Chart Discussion Part 2
  4. J-Taku Episode 18: Fall 2014 Season Chart Discussion Part 1
  5. J-Taku Episode 17: Madoka Magica Rebellion Discussion
  6. J-Taku Episode 16: The Convention Survival Guide
  7. J-Taku Episode 15: Summer 2014 Discussion Part 2
  8. J-Taku Episode 14: Summer 2014 Discussion Part 1
  9. J-Taku Episode 13: Kill la Kill Series Discussion
  10. J-Taku Episode 12: The Spring 2014 Chart
  11. J-Taku Episode 11: Character ARchetypes - Tsundere's, Yandere's, all the Dere's
  12. J-Taku Episode 10: School Days Argument - The Rock's Vs The J's
  13. J-Taku Episode 09: Long Anime - Are The Necessary?
  14. J-Taku Episode 08: MenTaku - Hentai, Sex, and Women
  15. J-Taku Episode 07: Soundtracks, Cowboy Bebop, & Samurai Champloo
  16. J-Taku Episode 06: FemTaku
  17. J-Taku Episode 05: The Winter 2013/2014 Season Chart
  18. J-Taku Episode 04: RWBY Discussion
  19. J-Taku Extra: Google+ Ruins YouTube Comments!
  20. J-Taku Episode 03: Kyoukai no Kanata (Beyond the Boundary) Discussion
  21. J-Taku Episode 02: Evangelion 3.33 Discussion
  22. J-Taku Episode 01: Kill la Kill Episode 1 Discussion
  23. J-Taku Episode 00: The Fall 2013 Season Chart


  1. Mangapod Book Club Episode 90: Molester Man (Chapters 1-21.5)
  2. MangaPod Book Club Episode 161: I Am A Hero (Volumes 1-4 and Chapters 1-46) ft. Holden Casanova!
  3. MangaPod Book Club Episode 185: Vagabond (Volumes 6-10 and Chapters 50-97) ft. Holden!
  4. MangaPod Book Club Episode 200: I Am A Hero (Vol. 4 - 8, Ch. 47 - 98) ft. Holden!

Anime no Yume

Anime no Yume is (or was) a podcast which acts as a sort of successor to both PodTaku and J-Taku. Holden runs the podcast alongside Gigguk and Jeanne, and the episodes tend to feature any random guests that they want to bring in during each individual episode where they just randomly talk about anime and related things.

  1. Anime no Yume 00 Introductions
  2. Anime no Yume 01 The Anime Awards
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