Horror Squad is a Vlogger
Horror Squad is from the United States
Horror Squad is male
Horror Squad is female
Horror Squad created their account in 2011
Horror Squad is a Content Creator on YouTube

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Horror Squad is a YouTube channel dedicated to scaring people. From pranks, to Halloween, to horror related top 10's, to creepypasta, to cosplay, and anything else horror related. Officially the group was formed on October 31, 2008 and joined YouTube on October 2010 on their original channel at Horrorsquadlive. In 2012, they moved to a newer YouTube channel (Horror Squad aka horrorsquadfilms) and that has become the official Horror Squad channel. Horror Squad strives to make every day Halloween. The group is based out of Miami, Florida.


There are about 7-8 members and they cosplay in different costumes. They have appeared as Michael Myers (Original and 2018), Jason Voorhees (Part 4 and 6), Freddy Krueger, Chucky, Leatherface (I & II), Ghostfaces, creepypasta characters and many many more.


  • "Everyday is Halloween."
  • "Halloween is year round."
  • "The night is young!"

The Horror Squad Members

  • Freddy Bloodsworth aka Freddy B.
  • Oinkman
  • Sycho the Clown
  • Silverback
  • Stooge the Scarecrow
  • Maniac Manny
  • Plague
  • Hoodgoblin
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