Household Hacker has more than One Million Subscribers
Household Hacker is a Reviewer
Household Hacker is from the United States
Household Hacker is male
Household Hacker created their account in 2007
Household Hacker is deceased
Household Hacker is a Content Creator on YouTube

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Dylan Hart † (October 13, 1982 - November 6, 2020 [aged 38]), better known online as Household Hacker, was an American YouTube channel based in Portland, Oregon. It demonstrated life hacks and reviews products often advertised on television or sold online.


The Household Hacker channel uploaded its first video in November 2007. A hoax video in which it was claimed that an iPod battery could be charged using an onion and Gatorade was released around the same time. This video fooled many and attracted the attention of high-profile media icons including the Mythbusters. In December 2007, it became the most subscribed channel on YouTube for that month.

Since then, Household Hackers have published more helpful, truthful content.


On February 28, 2021, Scott Kinmartin, the lead producer of the channel, announced in a video (which has since been privated) that Dylan Hart died on November 6, 2020. According to Scott on Twitter, Dylan passed away due to medical complications.