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David Spencer (born: January 29, 1992 (1992-01-29) [age 27]) better known online as iBallisticSquid, Squid Nugget, Squiddy or just Squid, is a Minecraft YouTuber from Yorkshire, England. One reason for his success was his collaborations with other YouTubers. For example, Stampy is sometimes seen in Spencer's videos. iBallisticSquid also joined L for Leeeeee x who helps out in his videos like Stampy. He is also part of a joint channel called the 'MagicAnimalClub'. He is well known for his funny humour and spirit throughout his videos, and is adored by many fans worldwide.He also playes with ashdubh his best friend



iBallisticSquid's Minecraft Skin

  • his Minecraft PC name is misspelt. Instead of "iBallisticSquid", it says "iBallistiicSquid". The reason for this is because "iBallisticSquid" was already taken.
  • In some other Minecraft videos, the nickname __Squiddy__ is seen on his YouTube account picture.
  • He has another account called 'SquiddyPlays' on which he plays games other than Minecraft on.
  • He has another account called 'SquiddyVlogs' which he vlogs on.
  • His username on Xbox is "iSlipperyFellow" due to his original account being hacked.
  • His username comes from him playing Call Of Duty and using the ballistic knife and from when he was at college his friends called him squidward because he was grumpy.

Real-Life Fact File

He has three dogs and two cats. His Beagle is called 'Lily', his Labrador is known as 'Marley'. He recently got a new Great Dane names ""Cujo"" and his cats 'Ollie' and 'Church'. He also has lots of spiders.

He enjoys to play games alongside StampyLongHead and AshDubh.

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