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IFerg has more than One Million Subscribers
IFerg is a Commentator
IFerg plays video games
IFerg is from Northern Ireland
IFerg is male
IFerg created their account in 2012
IFerg is a Content Creator on YouTube

Hey, it's me [insert meme] here back again with another brand new Call of Duty: Mobile video!

―Luke's current intro

What is goin' on you guys, it's ya boy Ferg here back again with another brand new Call of Duty: Mobile video, and in today's video...

―Luke's old intro

Luke "Ferg" Fergie (born: September 7, 1999 (1999-09-07) [age 22]), better known online as iFerg, is a Northern Irish YouTuber known for his Call of Duty: Mobile (COD: Mobile/CODM), Rules of Survival (RoS), PUBG Mobile (PUBGM), Fortnite Mobile, Cyber Hunter, and Clash Royale content that he uploads on YouTube. He is also a member of a mobile gaming esports organization known as Tribe Gaming.


Luke's videos on his main channel are mostly consisting of new season leaks, tips and tricks, gamebreaking glitches, subscriber challenges, reviews on guns and new lucky draws in the game. These are some of the topics/themes that appear in his videos list but he also does random videos about other things that are still related to Call of Duty: Mobile but not about the aforementioned topics. Luke's live channel is all consisted of livestreams that he does from time to time and there is no set schedule on his streams. Luke's plays channel is consisted of his best plays in his streams and there are a lot of battle royale footage on there, unlike most of his other channels which features mostly multiplayer content. Luke's clips channel might confuse some people as to how different it is to the plays channel but it contains a more wide variety of content like Ferg talking about certain things on streams, funny moments, reactions to guns, etc.


Luke's early stages of his channel consisted of Clash Royale videos, but he gradually moved on to other games competing for 1st place in the leaderboards.

Personal Life

He was born, and raised in Northern Ireland.


  • His Rules of Survival (ROS) videos took off his channel giving him a boost, but it wasn't until the Call of Duty: Mobile (COD: Mobile/CODM) videos that truly showed his continuous success.
  • He was also a former player for Cloud9.
  • He smashes his iPad multiple times.