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iMusic is a Chilean YouTube channel that uploads music found in iMovie and YouTube Songs which are popularly used among YouTubers. iMusic does not upload that often since almost all of the music in the iMovie library is already uploaded to the channel, but there does not seem to be Final Cut Pro X exclusive songs on there despite sharing a similar library.


The videos are in the range of the music presented along with a dynamic background such as a ocean or a curtain theme with the title of the song. The videos on this channel are royalty free, and a song that is notably used by a YouTuber is "Broadcast News Long" which is used by DramaAlert at the beginning of his news videos. A lot of the comments on the channel go over which scenario these music can be used in a video, but there is no original music on this channel. This channel claims that this is a good place to find background music used by YouTubers in the channel trailer.