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Rafael Georgian Stoica (born February 4, 1996 (1996-02-04) [age 24]), better known online as iRaphahell, is a Romanian gamer and YouTuber. He is one of the most popular gamers in Romania surpassed by MaxInfinite. He created his YouTube channel in May of 2013, uploading a first video appropriately titled "Primul Video! (First Video!)" just three weeks later. On weekends he usually uploads horror gameplays, and in general he uploads different gameplays with different games. And he has a best friend who he is playing with, named xSlayder.


Rafael is from Pitești, Argeș county. He first started to record Minecraft videos. He recorded Survival Games and other Minecraft mini-games. His name originated from the game Rumble Fighter, a long time ago, he played and saw a player with the name "Raphahell", he thought that his real name (Rafael) matched the player's name, and he immediately claimed it as his own username, but he added an "i".


  • He started his channel with one of his friends, named CoconutBreaker.
    • He didn't have a performant computer when they started, his friend had one.
    • He also started the channel in English, but no one was watching their videos, so he told him to try in Romanian.
  • He met his friend, xSlayder, a long time ago when he had around 4 thousand subscribers. He received a message from xSlayder on Skype and then they started to know each other better.
  • He once met with one of his fans at school.
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