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iSorrowproductions is an English YouTuber that joined the platform in 2008. iSorrow has been active since 2015 but only blew up at around the year 2016. He is well known for his Hearts of Iron 4 content and doing an artillery only challenge in the strategy game.


  • iSorrow's first Grand Strategy video was uploaded on November 4, 2016, playing EU4.
  • iSorrow's first video was called 'Back in the Day'.
  • iSorrow has played HOI4, Cities: Skylines, Prison Architect, Victoria 1, Victoria 2 and Total War to name a few. His most popular and earliest video game that he played was HOI4.
  • iSorrow is also in Yogscast which increased his popularity immensely.
  • He is the prime minister of Banat and is known for his love of the country

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