IULITMx has more than One Million Subscribers
IULITMx plays video games
IULITMx is from Romania
IULITMx is male
IULITMx created their account in 2013
IULITMx is a Content Creator on YouTube

Vizitiu Iulian, better known online as IULITMx (formerly IULITM and UNKNOWN), is a Romanian YouTuber who plays games. He is best known for recording FNAF fan-made games. He makes videos mostly about a Roblox game called Piggy and Friday Night Funkin.


IULITMx started its adventure on YouTube on June 9, 2013. Initially, he recorded Gameplays from The Last Of Us, which were unsuccessful. Gameplays from games such as Mortal Kombat and Plants VS Zombies were becoming more and more popular. The second half of 2013 was the beginning of its millionth viewership. FNAF Jumpscare productions quickly became more popular than ever. Subsequent productions of other games were successful, but less. IULITMx is currently recording Piggy jumpscare videos and Friday Night Funkin' mods but they are not as popular as before.

Past Channels

IULITM has had multiple channels before OfiicialTrailerPCHD, Trailers4PlayStation, GameTrailersIULITM. (and another account that was terminated)

Through a Twitter account, it was found that one of his account, named Iulian Vizitiu was terminated because of copyright strikes. The reason for that is because he uploaded movie trailers that are copyrighted.


On March 2020, IULITM started posting multiple Piggy jumpscare videos, and stopping to upload FNAF fangame gameplay videos. This caused to fans go and harass him, telling that the content is not "good enough as it was before".

IULITM reuploaded FNAF trailers and gameplays he already had on his channel, this caused some controversy on his channel and made him lose subscribers.