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I AM GAMES is a gaming YouTube channel dedicated to making in depth analysis videos of various games. It's run by two people, most notably Digibro, whose better known for his anime analysis on his own personal channel. He's joined by a good friend, Tommy Oliver, who also has a YouTube channel where he analyses anime. They created T-shirts which they sell on Spreadshirt, and they do livestreams and full playthroughs of many of the games that they cover on Twitch.  




Digibro claims that during his prepubescent youth to have been clinically depressed to the point to have attempted suicide, his depression persisted throughout middle school, high school and collage until he dropped out due to his poor grades and started working at target where he acquitted sufficient funds to purchase a microphone and start his YouTube channel, digibronyMLP. Conrad has two younger brothers, Victor, who is an aspiring filmmaker and the co-star of his gaming channel Digi Bros, and Shade, who has appeared in some Digibros episodes and other select videos with Conrad. He always claimed that, when he was younger, he was a little boy who looked like a little girl, which he finally proved in a video with actual pictures from his due to people never believing him.


Conrad is an anime YouTube critic who analyzes works of fiction, particularly anime. Going with the slogan "Otaku Gonzo Journalist", Digibro has been known to state that he "probably enjoys analyzing stuff way too much" and that it has interfered with his enjoyment when watching anime. He has several channels to which he posts various types of videos. Originally, Conrad ran an anime blog before launching the MLP Analysis community and was primarily known by the "Digibrony style" of MLP videos. He eventually lost interest in the show and retired as an MLP analyst, choosing to focus entirely on anime. Currently, Conrad is making anime analysis videos on his main channel and "Game Grumps" style videos on his alt account Digibros.

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  1. Digibro
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  3. The Procrastinators

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