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Alex Elmslie (born: February 1, 1999 (1999-02-01) [age 19]), better known online as ImAllexx, or just Allexx, is a British YouTuber who is best known for his commentary videos mostly on trending topics. He is very, long-tongued and has over 1 million subscribers. He also occasionally streams on his Twitch channel. Alex runs two podcasts called “The Camp Cast” with his friend James Marriott and "JaackMaate'sHappyHour" alongside JaackMaate and Stevie. ImAllexx is highly known for making 10 minutes videos responding to people that that didn't even mention his name, a good example of this is his video on KSI. People say he makes these videos for the ad revenue but ImAllexx hasn't made a public statement denying it.


Alex started doing YouTube in 2013, and he used to make FIFA videos and other gaming videos. In 2016, he started to do commentary videos, mostly on other YouTubers or people. He gained popularity very fast especially in December 2016 and January 2017 when he gained 65,000 subscribers in two months

Subscriber Milestones

  • 1 Million Subscribers: December 14, 2018.


  • Alex has a very long tongue, and it has become a "meme" on his channel.
  • In his video #ProudToBe With Chris Ray Gun, he came out as bisexual.
    • Before that video, he opened a video once saying "Hello, ImAllexx and I like d---" in which he was slightly joking.
  • Alex jokingly calls himself "Internet Sensation", which is also the name of his merch.
  • Alex has a large Lego StarWars collection along with a love for the franchise.
  • Alex is an arch rival of Kavos.
    • The two got into beef after Alex made a video on him in 2017 which Kavos responded to in another video. Alex only mentioned him in another video after he didn't do his research properly on a video about Phil Defranco. There has been no further mention on both their channels of eachother since.
  • Alex and Memeulous are roommates.
    • Their friend WillNE probably lives in the same building.
  • Another meme is that Alex really enjoys to drink dirty bath water.
  • Alex likes Chicken Nuggets.
  • Alex is dubbed to be apart of the "Commentary Crew".
  • Alex has a large fangirl fanbase.
  • On the channel S2W - the second channel of WillNE - in the video Top 25 Youtubers of 2018 he implied that Alex dated youtuber Kingani in the past. Alex didn't deny this but seemed uncomfortable talking about it.
  • He is a SoundCloud rapper under the name Lil Revenue.