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Jason Ethier (born: October 17, 1990 (1990-10-17) [age 29]), better known online as ImJayStation, is a Canadian YouTuber.


Jason's original JayStation channel had earned 475,000 subscribers before being shut down. He continued to create content on the ImJayStation channel, which has 4 million subscribers. He launched his original channel in June of 2015.

Personal Life

Jason has a sister named Jacqueline but doesn't appear in his videos. Jason lives in Ottawa, Canada, but goes to America and other countries for more haunted adventures.

In a video titled "Jaystation Is The Biggest Douchebag", Charlie (Penguinz0) researched in Jason and found that Jason worked at a Costco with his mother and a Facebook post talking about the kind of person Jason is, on Jason's Facebook account by one of his friends; this post, however, is confirmed as unverified information by Charlie, but states "all of it sounds totally in line with the kind of person Jason appears to be, based on his videos". The post states that Jason was the most complained about employee in the Costco he worked, having more suspensions and complaints than any other employee in that Costco's history; was emotionally abusive to his girlfriend at the time; keyed a woman's car because her daughter, a coworker of Jason, didn't break up with her boyfriend for Jason; harassed everyone he came in contact with; and pushed away everyone in his life, including his own mother.[1]


3 AM Videos

Jason has been heavily criticized for his 3 AM videos, which notably has been known for being staged and completely fake, and which Jason was one of the notable YouTubers to do 3 AM videos and be known for faking them.

Trip to the Suicide Forest

A few weeks after the controversy of the Logan Paul Suicide Forest, Jason made multiple videos containing the Suicide Forest and doing his typical 3 AM video on it. It is unsure if Jason truly went to the forest, but had later got in Backlash with Keemstar, also known as DramaAlert. Keemstar made a Tweet about his Suicide Forest video and Jason leeching the suicide forest for views. Jason then went on a rampage and made at least 20 tweets responding to Keemstar. One of the Tweet was Jason recording himself and saying multiple notable things, such as, "My goal is to get the most views", "you're jealous" and "I want as many people to click on this sh*t as possible". Keemstar made a final response on Twitter saying, "Listen fool @ImJayStation, you claimed I’m a leech right. Your un talented uncreative ass was so desperate for views you had to Leech off of the @LoganPaul suicide Forrest vid. And if my fans did flag your vid then u running your b***h *ss mouth will not help you in the future!"[2]. This was also featured in a video on the DramaAlert channel when it was hosted by Nudah, and Nudah said that Jason just got pummeled by Keemstar.[3]

Stolen Fortnite Gameplay

On February 4, 2018, Jason uploaded a video "DO NOT PLAY FORTNITE AT 3 AM", and which he "plays" Fortnite at 3 AM. However, it was found out the Gameplay that was shown was not his, it was from a small YouTuber known as Le_ChosE CZ.[4] There were additional differences to when Jason was using Le_ChosE CZ's gameplay:

  • Le_ChosE CZ was playing on PC, while Jason was using an Xbox controller when "playing".
  • Le_ChosE CZ's gameplay was in October 2017, and Jason made the "gameplay" video in February 2018.
  • The Gameplay was before Fortnite's major change to the map, adding new locations weeks after Jason uploaded his "gameplay".

Jason has responded to Le_ChosE CZ and says "Fortnite owns the gameplay". Le_ChosE CZ responded saying "Fortnite Owns Fortnite, I own the gameplay"[5]. As a few months passed by, the Copyright Takedown was successful and Jason's video was removed.[6]

Using Celebrities' Death For Attention

Jason has been heavily criticized for doing 3 AM challenges featuring a famous artist or a person who recently passed away.


8 days after XXXTentacion's murder, Jason uploaded a video "XXXTENTACION OUIJA BOARD CHALLENGE AT 3AM!! (GONE WRONG)"[7], and which Jason attempts to call XXXTentacion himself and to ask questions off the Ouija Board. Jason quickly gained controversy for using XXXTentacion for views and money, which Jason had 4 ads on it. The video then made a 50-50 like-to-dislike ratio.

Mac Miller

Just like XXXTentacion, Jason made a video called "(RIP) MAC MILLER SPIRIT BOX CHALLENGE AT 3AM!! *SPEAKS ABOUT ARIANA GRANDE*"[8]. However, the video itself had made much more controversy than when he did use XXXTentacion. Jason uploaded his 3 AM Mac Miller video 2 days after Mac's death and Mac Miller being a bigger star than XXXTentacion. After Jason uploaded his video, multiple big YouTubers, Adam22, BionicPIG, and of course, Keemstar made a video about Jason's video. Jason's video made more dislikes than likes.


Since the passing of Etika, who died to suicide in June 2019, Jason did what was done previously, and created a clickbait 3 AM Ouija Board challenge featuring Desmond (Etika), a few hours after he was announced dead.[9] The video itself had received the most hate and backlash against Jason, amassing over 300,000 dislikes in 24 hours. In the video, Jason does not do the Ouija Board challenge at 3 AM as normal. Instead, he explains about almost dying "one week ago" at the time of creating the video. He even goes as far as to say "If you don't feel how Etika did, you don't got depression. Next time you sad, suck it up", essentially mocking people who suffer depression. Jason also talks about how YouTubers claim they were friends with Desmond but Jason replies saying that these YouTubers are lying and doing it for attention, while talking about them not having ads on their videos. Hypocritically, at the time the video was uploaded, Jason actually had ads on his video. Jason also apologizes for creating the Ouija Board challenge featuring Mac Miller and XXXTENTACION.

A day after uploading the video, Jason changed the video's title to "None of u YouTubers donated yet! Shame!" and change his own comment in this video claiming to have donated more money to the charity choice of Desmond's mother and that suicide is an issue he deeply cares about, while still keeping "One dislike = two prayers for Etika". He had also uploaded another video titled "I needed to say this...", where he claims Desmond had "changed his life", that his death "hit him so hard" and that he felt a "connection with this whole story". The video has amassed over 17,000 dislikes in 7 hours with over 142,000 views. Ironically, in his previous video, he says he never knew Desmond.

A day after changing the video's title, Jason changed the title once again to "I’m sorry for what I did. RIP Etika".

Again, a day after changing the video's title again, Jason posted more comments on his own videos ranting against commentary channels. In his rants, he states his disdain towards these channels; blames channels, such as Penguinz0, for the cause of Desmond's suicide; and states that "YouTube needs to ban these commentary channels for real."; Jason later deleted these comments.[10]

Feud with Keemstar

As Keemstar made multiple videos on Jason throughout multiple controversies, Jason made a video on Keemstar titled "KEEMSTAR AND DRAMAALERT EXPOSED!! (NOT CLICKBAIT)"[11], and which Jason's main point is Keemstar also places Ads and makes money on a certain topic, especially videos containing what Jason has done on YouTube. Jason also mentions that FaZe Banks' episode of Mom's Basement was on XXXTentacion, and has placed Ads on it to make money. Jason also mentions that Adam22 raped his ex-girlfriend, which was mentioned at first in an interview.

Both Keemstar and Adam22 did not respond to Jason's video. However, the fans still went and made attacks towards Jason for the video, due to it being extremely loud-voiced by Jason, and the ratio is 71% likes and 29% dislikes.

Girlfriend's Death

January 21, 2020, Jason uploaded two videos titled "My Girlfriend Alexia Died... *Rest in Paradise*" and "SAYING GOODBYE TO MY GIRLFRIEND ALEXIA (REST IN PARADISE)"; click-baiting the "death" of his girlfriend, Alexia Marano, in a car accident. Many were quick to believe that Jason was lying, using her "death" for-profit and called Jason out for it, including Keemstar; after Jason upload, a titled "LIE DETECTOR TEST TURNS INTO REAL BREAKUP!! (CHALLENGE)" on another channel, he shares with Alexia after the first video was uploaded.[12][13]

In the first video, many were quick to point out Jason's attempts at fake cry and many criticizing him for shameless plugin his second channel "Dream Team", monetizing the video and adding a link to his merch. Many were also quick to point out and criticized Jason for saying his girlfriend's "dying wish" has his second channel reach 1 million subscribers. YouTubers such as Ethan Klein from H3H3, Charlie from Penguinz0, and twomad heavily criticized Jason, calling him a "scumbag" and a "shit-eating parasite". Another Youtuber called TehMimi made a response, during which she revealed Jason flew over to Texas to hang out with a minor and share a hotel room with her, said minor in question stated that she stayed awake fearing Jason would have done something to her.[14][15]

SomeOrdinaryGamers, among others, noted that after searching and asking about any reports, that the police confirmed that Alexia Marano was not involved in any car accident in Ottawa.[16][17][18] [19]

On January 26, 2020, Jason uploaded another video titled "DEAD GIRLFRIEND OUIJA BOARD CHALLENGE AT 3AM!! (GONE WRONG)". However on January 27, 2020, Jason removed all three of these videos and uploaded a new video titled "ALEXIA MARANO *THE TRUTH ABOUT HER*".

In this video, Jason tries to play the victim and blame Alexia for trying to ruin his life. He admits to lying about his girlfriend's death and his plans of what he was going to do after releasing the third video, such as resurrecting Alexia. However, Jason then claims that Alexia's parents demanded he remove the videos regarding her death and told them off saying it wasn't their business, Alexia having left him and filing an arrest warrant for assaulting her with a weapon, in which he later claims it can't happen due to him being in his home, essentially trapping him in his own home.

He also claims to have had a hard life where his parents were always mean to him; him running away from home as a teenager, getting a criminal record due to actions such as underage drinking, joining the Canadian military, risking everything to be on Youtube and never being happy until meeting with Alexia, with everything going grand until he started faking her death.

However, many were quick to debunk every one of Jason's claims. Optimus cross-referenced the Toronto Police department "officer" that appeared in Jason's video and found that the "officer" was an impersonator and a Newsweek article where Toronto Police deny any warrant on Jason[20][21]. Jason also claims to be a military vet and joined up at Grade 9, but many pointed out that the military wouldn't have allowed Jason to join due to having a criminal record, needing a parent's consent to join as a minor and needing an education of Grade 10, essentially Jason was trying to steal valor.

On 28 January, Alexia released a video on her channel Alexia Marano titled "ALEXIA IS ALIVE (truth about ImJaystation)". In this video, Alexia talks about her relationship with Jason and how he was controlling and abusive towards her. From demanding her to go not any social media, and getting mad at her from messages on her phone from years ago. She talks about how she felt scared of Jason and had to do videos with him out of fear, about how she felt isolated from her family and friends and how he tried to take more and more from her. She also talks about how her family and friends were being harassed about her "death" and how Jason wouldn't let her tell anyone about it. She also claims that her dad called her to tell Jason to remove the video about her fake death, to which Jason responded with "tell your dad not to block my money! I don't get a part of his business, he shouldn't get a part of mine!" and "why don't you get your dad to write me an apology letter! Because he's trying to block my money!".

Jason responded by downloading her video uploading it onto his other channel Dream Team and copyright claiming Alexia's video and uploading another video titled "ALEXIA MARANO EXPOSED (THE BAD SIDE OF HER)" on his main channel. In this video, Jason claims Alexia was the controlling one in their relationship, made him unfollow everyone on his social media, claiming that Alexia wanted the all money from the Dream Team channel and that she was fine with faking her "death". Jason also showed videos of Alexia helping him with his videos and being OK with it and a video of her calling his fans delusional, but all these videos are being taken out of context and made to make Alexia look bad.

Many however were skeptical with both their responses, some believing that both were lying and faking the whole thing for views, others believing that both were lying to save face.

Kavos made a video with his reaction to the new videos and exposing Jason as an abusive, manipulative and controlling boyfriend. In the video, Kavos shows DMs of Jason to his ex-girlfriend, Aiko. In these DMs, Jason threatens and manipulates her to drop out of school, mocks her and her family for being poor and threatens to leak her details to get her to keep making videos with him. After not getting his way he leaked her number on Instagram. Aiko released a video of a phone call with him threatening her and planning to pay her ex-boyfriend to expose her in one of his videos.[22]


On June 10, 2019, Jason claimed he was assaulted in his home and robbed.[23] Three individuals, dressed in ski masks, barged into his house and brutally beat him, before robbing him of $1,200 Givenchy alligator shoes. They broke through his door while he was editing a video, and assaulted him, as well as holding a knife on him and demanding to know where his money and Rolex were. Jason received many bruises and a black eye from the assault, as well as a gash on his head. After assaulting him, the thieves chained Jason up in his basement and prepared to kill him with a sledgehammer. However, Jason was able to escape by taking his pants off (which the chains were attached to) and escape out the basement's window. On June 11, 2019, a video was released where Jason, now in an apartment, gives in-depth details on the robbery, as police began conducting their investigation. In the video, he claims that one of the assailants had already been arrested and put in jail, as well as revealing his plans to move from his house.[24]

However, YouTuber Penguinz0 made a response to Jason's video saying that it was scripted and fake to gain attention[25]. Charlie (Penguinz0) shares Jason demonstrating and sharing where he was put and what was used when Jason was robbed. Charlie responded saying that the house that Jason was in when he was sharing the news, would be closed for investigation of the robbery, and would not get a chance to immediately demonstrate what happened inside the house. Additionally, Charlie mentions how Jason is picking up weapons the robbers used but would be confiscated by checking for fingerprints alongside the sledgehammer. There was also no evidence of actual injury from this "robbery."

Charlie mentions how Jason was in the basement chained up. Jason claimed only the pants were chained up. So he would slide off the pants, leave a basement window without the pants (though, having boxers on). Charlie also questions why the 3 robbers went upstairs not supervising if they were not going to steal anything. Charlie also mentions that the robbers were giving a fair warning to Jason, but was going to get murdered regardless.

Considering Jason's content is obviously fake clickbait, many people and viewers do not believe his story and the so-called robbery is no doubt fake.


On February 5, 2020, Jason was arrested for faking his girlfriend's death and for assault with a weapon. It is also worth stating that Marano and Jason have since broken up due to the hoax and how she didn't want to participate in it. Jason's court trial is scheduled to be on March 16, 2020.


Roughly a week after Jason announced his hiatus, YouTube officially suspended monetization on Jason's main channel; the reason for this, however, was not due to Jason's past actions or faking the death of his girlfriend, this was due to his arrest on February 3rd on charges of assault and assault with a weapon.[26]

Subscriber Milestones

Note: The following dates are according to SocialBlade. Dates may vary by ~1 day (2 days if you live outside of North America) due to differences in time zones.

  • 1 million subscribers: July 22, 2017.
  • 2 million subscribers: April 23, 2018.
  • 3 million subscribers: October 30, 2018.
  • 4 million subscribers: April 4, 2019.
  • 5 million subscribers: November 17, 2019.

Video View Milestones

  • 100 million video views: July 28, 2017.
  • 200 million video views: December 24, 2017.
  • 300 million video views: May 2, 2018.
  • 400 million video views: August 15, 2018.
  • 500 million video views: November 18, 2018.
  • 600 million video views: January 20, 2019.
  • 700 million video views: March 11, 2019.
  • 800 million video views: May 13, 2019.
  • 900 million video views: July 11, 2019.
  • 1 billion video views: September 30, 2019.


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