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ImJustJR is a Commentator
ImJustJR plays video games
ImJustJR is from the United States
ImJustJR is male
ImJustJR created their account in 2020
ImJustJR is a Content Creator on YouTube

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ImJustJR (born: June 18, 2004 (2004-06-18) [age 17]) is an American gaming YouTuber and Twitch streamer known for his Minecraft-related streams and videos.

His content consists of exploring twists on the game "Minecraft". He is also known for his "Minecraft" speedrunning and twists on the play style. He is also known for his semi-frequent collaborations with Dream, whom he also edits for. He has also been featured in a sub-genre of gaming videos based off of PeanutButterGamer's Hardcore series.


  • Besides from collaborations with Dream, he also edits videos for him on the Dream Shorts channel alongside FireSale.