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Im_sandra, is a Norwegian Roblox YouTuber who is most famous for her Roblox games and clothing. Sandra also used to do Jailbreak gameplays and news videos.


Roblox Account Termination

On November 20, 2018, Sandra's account was terminated on Roblox. The moderator note claims that she was selling Roblox items for real money on third-party websites. This was a violation of Roblox's Terms of Service. On her twitter, Sandra claims that she did not do these things, followed by multiple anger-driven posts targeting people making fun of her termination. As of now, those posts have been deleted. 

Many people have called her a liar because the moderator that terminated her account had proof of her unlawful actions, despite her objections. Though Sandra still claims that she didn't do these things, nothing is confirmed.

Feud With Nathorix

At the beginning of 2019, Sandra made claims on her Twitter that another Roblox YouTuber, Nathorix, did the same thing that caused the former's termination. She shows screenshots of Nathorix's receipt from the third-party site. Nathorix argued that it was from a long time ago, so the actions would be currently considered void. They proceed to get into a large argument on Twitter, and the drama cooled down after a few days, after it started getting off-topic.

Racism Allegations

From 2016-2020 im_sandra has had a less publicized feud with a developer. In May 2020, screenshots and video surfaced of im_sandra initiating anti-Indian sentiment towards the developer on multiple discord group chats. Within 1 hour of his document being released onto Twitter, im_sandra deleted every tweet she has ever made and left Twitter for several days. Her older tweets from 2018 and 2019 and early 2020 can no longer be found.

The accusations against her include:

  • Sandra copying his game on her alternate account "doctor_sally" and making millions of robux from it.
  • Faking a suicide to get him hated.
  • Death threats.
  • Harassment and hatred towards India and Indians, specifically towards the developer she stole from.

Upon her return, she continued to violently deny these severe accusations amid the solid proof against her. Nathorix and TanookiAlex have since made videos addressing this situation.


  • In Roblox, Sandra was a game developer and owned multiple groups.
  • Sandra is well-known for being good friends with VeD_Dev.
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