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Imbrandonfarris has more than One Million Subscribers
Imbrandonfarris creates comedy videos
Imbrandonfarris is a Vlogger
Imbrandonfarris is from the United States
Imbrandonfarris is male
Imbrandonfarris created their account in 2013
Imbrandonfarris is a Content Creator on YouTube

Brandon Farris (born: June 5, 1991 (1991-06-05) [age 31]), better known as Imbrandonfarris, is an American YouTuber and comedian. He is best known for his "Google Translate makes __" and "life hacks." Brandon has a unique style of videos. He does a combination of car vlogging, extreme challenges, cooking challenges, and opening fan mail.

On June 7, 2021, Brandon uploaded a video called "ARGUING WITH MY ALEXA!". Where he argued about whether he was dead or not. He googled himself and found out that he was dead. Google said that he died on October 8 from a failed surgery and had a funeral on October 9, which that sentence is from this very article (see October Costumes). When he googled himself, Google cut out the part that said that COVINGTON died on October 8, which made Brandon think that he himself died, which made him make a video about it.

Early Career

Before Brandon made comedy videos, he had another channel called "Brandon Farris". He made cover versions of other songs with different types of guitars. He joined with this channel on August 17, 2011. He only made a total of 22 videos with this channel but got 13.9K subscribers. His last video on this channel was uploaded on May 16, 2014.

YouTube Series

Google Translates

The Google Translate series is when Brandon puts a recipe through multiple languages in Google Translate until the recipe turns into something different. His first Google Translate was "Google Translate Makes a Cake!" Usually his videos begin with him saying "I went to the www.[funny line]" and ends with "If you wanna see more Google Translates, don't worry your [funny thing associated with what he just made], I've made a playlist." The meals he makes will most likely end up bad, rarely end up good

On December 11, 2020, he made his first non-recipe Google Translate by making his dog a doghouse.

5-Minute Crafts

This is where Brandon tries hacks in a 5-Minute Crafts video. Unlike doing some of the hacks outside, he does all of them in his house. They all end up as a mess, often staining his floor, walls and camera. His first 5-Minute Crafts video was "Trying 5-Minute Crafts" he made in 2019.

Car Vlogs

Brandon makes a lot of car vlogs. Usually he complains to random things and talks about daily life. He has been doing car vlogs since 2015.

Live Streams

This is where Brandon starts a live stream and answers questions from the live chat. Usually he does them on Sundays.


Leftovers are when Brandon gets clips that weren't their own video and puts them into one whole video. His motto for the leftovers are "We don't waste food, we don't waste content." It starts with him doing an intro then it cuts to the clips, back to him, clip, back to him until the end of the video.


Openings are when Brandon gets boxes and opens them from fans that they sent to him. At the end of an Opening video, he will shake a box that he will open the next Opening video to see if the fans will guess it.


He collabs with his friend Cameron Domasky a lot more than his other collaborations. Cameron appears on Brandon's channel and Brandon appears on Cameron's channel. Cameron's most popular video with Brandon was "YOU LAUGH YOU LOSE (w/ Brandon Farris) which has 1 million views as of January 2021.

MariaGloriaa has her own channel but mostly has herself in it. Sometimes Brandon is on MariaGloriaa's channel. MariaGloriaa is also on Brandon's channel sometimes.

Angel Gonzalez is Brandon's other friend, who appears on Brandon's channel, same with Brandon going on Angel's channel.

Morgan Arreola is Brandon's sister who also appears on Brandon's channel . Her YouTube channel:MorganD Tv,has Brandon on it rarely.

Other Cooking Stuff

Sometimes Brandon bakes stuff blindfolded, but sometimes he just simply tries to cook something off of a video. He's also followed Gordon Ramsey tutorials 4 times throughout his channel.

Trying New Things

This is where Brandon tries a variety of stuff he's never tried before like card throwing, dice staking, etc.

Food Challenges

This is where Brandon eats something that is absolutely terrible.

He mostly tries really spicy stuff, even though he says "[Brandon's] not good with hot stuff]". From January 14-18, 2020, he ate a giant tarantula each day so he can prove on the last day that the fans will think it won't be funny anymore. Also on the last day, Cameron joined. He's also tried durian fruit (on Cameron's channel) and sour candy.

Scary Games

This is where he tries scary games in his car or in his house. He beat the game Granny 2 on March 10, 2020.

October Costumes

Since 2019, he's been wearing costumes every day of October. Some of the costumes his fans gave him, or he bought them himself.

From October 1-9, 2020, there was a mannequin named Covington from college (not real, of course). He died on October 8 from a failed surgery and had a funeral on October 9. On October 31, though Brandon dressed up as Sherlock Holmes and thought to himself why his lamp-that is usually knocked over by him at a start of a video-was flashing. It turned out it was Morse Code the whole time. Along with the light flashing, there was pictures all over his room from past videos in October showing off clues for him to find. The clues were Skittles, dollar bills, and cotton. All of that stuff were associated with Covington. Once Brandon found out, he knew that Covington wasn't actually dead. But Covington wasn't actually in the video, so Brandon, was still wondering where he was.

On the description of the Halloween video he named "THIS IS NOT THE END!", he said "Until next year..."

Personal Life

Brandon has a girlfriend who is known online as MariaaGloriaa. MariaaGloriaa got divorced before she met Brandon, but then they met while working at a cafe in Alaska and they have been together since 2018.

For 1 year he lived in his car and even announced it in a video in May 2018. He has a cat named Zelda and a dog named Link. In his house, he has a portrait named Kelly.

Brandon Farris is originally from Arkansas (he says in multiple videos), but now lives in Sacramento, California (he says in multiple videos).

He mentioned he has a daughter in "Insane Beauty Life Hacks"


  • "Jear Desus!"
  • "Am I Mexican yet?"
  • " I don't like spicy things."
  • "Is it bugs?'s bugs."
  • "Some of y'all need Jesus."
  • "Wow me."
  • "Eat your heart out."
  • "You dirty little dooder!"
  • "Your gonna do great!"
  • "STEVEN!"
  • "KEVIN!"
  • "Oh my lord!"