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InDeKills is a British gaming YouTuber. His most viewed video at the moment is currently "TFUE *LEAKS* MRBEASTS PHONE NUMBER!! - FULL VERSION - HD" with currently over 2,800+ views.This video has blown up on his channel and on the second day of the video being uploaded, it hit 1,000 views and became his most viewed video. His main source of content was via Fortnite live streams and through fashion shows, however, he has told his fans he doesn't and can't really enjoy Fortnite like he did and his content has moved on harshly to Minecraft.

InDeKills is also running a Minecraft server and was released May 7th. He has spent many days working on this server with his staff team and is also starting a new Minecraft 1.16 survival series with his friend ItsXliso. His main objective, in the end, is to gain every achievement/advancement and to kill the Ender Dragon, via beds.

InDeKills  or James is currently at 850+ Subscribers and hit 500 Subcribers on the 7th Oct 2019, which is almost the day 6 months after his channel launched. When he reached 100 Subscribers is unknown but it's believed to be a few days before he uploaded the video "Things You don't Know About Me! (100 Sub Special) " Which was uploaded on the 16th of June, 2019. This video was uploaded 2 months and 8 days after his channel launched, and almost 2 months after his first video was uploaded.]

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