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InsultAlien was a YouTuber who joined in March 2007. He is known for insulting hundreds of YouTube videos and his trademark grey ski mask, headset, and reflecto glasses. He has made 264 videos as of yet, although 4 were removed recently, and his last video was made in July 29, 2007. He has caused much controversy among YouTube users, but despite this he has a large cult following composed of many users. Along with his insulting videos, he has many other random videos, including one showing him smoking cannabis, which was marked 18 years or older by YouTube.


It is currently unknown why he has not made a video for close to 2 years. He continues to log in every now and then, typically every 2 weeks - 2 months. He has made several comments from his dead point (July 29, 2007) as well.


It is commonly said he is Trevor Rieger, due to his support, having the same body size and shape as him, and wearing the same clothing as him & the fact that he's British.