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Internet Comment Etiquette with Erik is a comedy channel created by Erik Hoffstad.  The channel focuses on teaching viewers how to properly post comments on the internet. The show was originally on Erik's former channel, letsGOtoCLASS, before becoming its own series.



The lessons are the main bulk of the channel. In this series, Erik teaches his audience how to type "proper" and "respectful "comments online. He does this by watching various videos of a certain topic or theme and typing a humorous comment on each.

Tweets From the Class

Tweets From the Class is a series in which Erik comments on or answers any questions from tweets sent to him. These usually end with a tweet to Ted Cruz, or any political figure relevant at the time of the video.

Big Money Salvia Reactz

This can hardly be considered a series since Erik only did one reaction video of him watching the "Batman vs Superman" trailer in 2016.


GAME TIPZ is a series in which Erik gives satirical advice on how to perform better in various video games. These "tips" often involve the killing of his own team mates.

Let's Get Into the Middle of It with Erik

This short lived series consists of only two videos in 2015.

Subreddit of the Week

This series involves Erik showing his viewers a weird or interesting subreddit on the popular website, Reddit. Although the title suggests that there are weekly videos, this is not true, as there have only been three episodes.

Erik Drinks Wine and Gets a Haircut

In the video, "Internet Comment Etiquette: Crowd Funding", Erik created a Kickstarter to make a film about a man who drinks wine and gets a haircut. The Kickstarter eventually met his goal and a contributor got to choose a pineapple haircut.

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