Internet Historian has more than One Million Subscribers
Internet Historian is an Animator
Internet Historian makes Educational Videos
Internet Historian makes Film-Related Videos
Internet Historian plays video games
Internet Historian creates meme videos
Internet Historian is from New Zealand
Internet Historian is male
Internet Historian created their account in 2017
Internet Historian is a Content Creator on YouTube

But first. Ad time......

―Internet Historian

Internet Historian (born: between 1992-1998 [age 23-29]), also known as Dr. Harold, is a New Zealand YouTuber, famous for his style of humor, his style of animation, and over-the-top NordVPN, Raycon, or Raid Shadow Legends advertisements, who primarily focuses on making documentaries on events on the internet.[1]  

Personal Life

It is a common misconception that Internet Historian was born April 20, 1989, though this has been confirmed to have been a fake birthday he gave Famous Birthdays to get them to stop asking him questions. He also says that the "picture" by EmpLemon is a photoshopped picture of wavywebsurf.[2]

Despite being born in New Zealand, evidence found on his second channel suggests that he currently resides in Australia.

He is married to Internet Herstorian as he mentioned in a tweet.


On January 9, 2017, he uploaded a documentary about the 4chan event that users raided GameStop to get Battletoads. He was working on very short videos for various hours and he didn't want to tell anyone about his YouTube channel. He was worried about actual historians saying that he should be more active. Around 2 to 3 weeks, he really gained traction, and he got 100,000 subscribers in about 3 months and then YouTube was a full-time job for him.[3]

His documentaries are laid with various stock photos and videos narrated by his accent, deep baritone voice, text-to-speech, and deadpan snark. The "animations" in the videos are png images moving in front of a stock background. One of, if not the, most defining aspect of his videos are the advertisements for his sponsors. Many claim that his are the best adverts in all of YouTube ascended from being a running gag to a full series of characters with arcs.

He runs a secondary channel named "Internet Historian: Incognito Mode" (later changed to "Incognito Mode)" where he uploads Q&As on a video he made before, Sundance Rejects, which parodies blockbuster movies and teenager fanfiction, and In the Field (or In the Quarantine), which is a parody talk show hosted by Internet Historian himself and starring his friends including: SumitoMedia, Ordinary Things, Many Kudos, and Pyrocynical, in which usually discusses about a single object, thing, or genre, such as "art," "architecture," "travel," or "ads."

He also has a third channel called "Internet Historian: Live" where he uploads cut down livestreams of games from his Twitch as well as unpublished content.

He also has a fourth channel called "Storymode," in which he reviews horror video games like Silent Hill.

He has a fifth channel called "Internet Historian: Greenscreens" where he posts many of the effects he uses in his videos for other people to use. This is only for the effects he uses and for people to use.


  • In the sixth In the Field episode, "fashion," Internet Historian ironically makes a parody of Twitch groups titled "Agents De Conservation Artificiels," with him, SumitoMedia, Ordinary Things, and Many Kudos included.
  • He has a very close relationship with SumitoMedia and a large portion of his videos on his second channel, mainly the In the Field series, are collabs with SumitoMedia.
  • During his chat with Brittany Venti[4], he revealed that he is 5'10.
  • On his second channel, Internet Historian mainly talks to SumitoMedia, Ordinary Things, and more recently, Many Kudos.
  • His profile picture is of the meme, Hide The Pain Harold.
  • He was inspired to make videos by YourMovieSucksDOTorg[5], and he finally collaborated with him when they reviewed Black Panther together