Ironmouse focuses on Anime
Ironmouse is a Musician
Ironmouse plays video games
Ironmouse is from Puerto Rico
Ironmouse is female
Ironmouse created their account in 2017
Ironmouse is a Content Creator on YouTube

ironmouse (born: January 11) is a Puerto Rican VTuber. Initially an independent streamer, she was hired and sponsored by VShojo later in 24 November 2020. She streams anime, plays video games, and is famous for her singing with her high-pitched voice, with her most popular video being her cover of Kulikitaka-ti, which became a meme and was spread cross several platforms.


Ironmouse's channel was made in 2017, but she didn't make her VTuber debut until February 2020[1]. The main purpose of her channel was to upload clips from her Twitch streams[2], often of her streaming games like Aliens: Isolation. In November of the same year of her debut she announced that she was affiliating with the company VShojo, which was accompanied by a music video and MMD[3]. This inspired her to make more music videos[4]. She is also a singer and covers rap songs, having lent her voice to many anime fansongs[5][6][7][8].

She also began making story time videos around this time and has gone into detail about her Puerto Rican and Hispanic roots before[9]. She is multilingual, speaking English, Japanese, Korean and Spanish, and made a video for her Spanish fans[10].

Games she has streamed on her channel include It Takes Two, Super Bunny Man, Resident Evil Village, Fall Guys, Among Us, Devour, Dark Souls and Grand Theft Auto.

Her name comes from her nickname at school; she was always small (she is 4'10) and was therefore dubbed "mouse". It also comes from her favorite Sailor Moon character Sailor Ironmouse.


She is a host of the Lewdcast alongside Melody and Silvervale. She is a regular on the Rant Café Anime Podcast.

When she was new to the YouTube scene, she appeared in one of Projekt Melody's stream, where she was given the moniker "Mad Loli". Her channel popularity got a boost thanks to a collaboration with Nux Taku and Lost Pause, and she often collaborates with them.[11]. She has also appeared in the latter's Weeb Wars game show.

She has also collaborated with several big name YouTubers such as Videogamedunkey and CDawgVA, and has a close friendship with the latter, as they often collaborate and he even cosplayed her[12]. There is also a running joke in their fandoms that the two are romantically involved, however they both have denied this, and Connor actually has a girlfriend in real life, whereas Mouse's condition renders her unable to have sex and having a baby would potentially kill her[13]. Ironmouse was also one of the VTubers featured in REACT's episode of "Teens React to VTubers".[14]

Her voice acting roles include Truck-chan from That Time I Got Isekai'd To Another World With My Truck!!!.

Amano and Ironmouse once held a chatting stream that was over 2 hours long[15]. She has also played Phasmo[phobia with Bonnivier Pranaja.

She is a Twitch partner, and often participates in Twitch game shows/tournaments:


Event Type Date Details Outcome
Hivemind Game show 21 July, 2021 N/A 2nd place
Twitch Rivals Charity tournament 30 July, 2021 Total amount raised was $3250 Played UNO
Twitch Rivals team tournament Tournament 27 October, 2021 Hosted by Ludwig Ahgren Took 2nd place in Fall Guys.

Speak of the Devil

Ironmouse is the host of the talk show Speak of the Devil. Episodes are streamed live on Twitch bSut are later uploaded to YouTube. Guests who have appeared so far on it are

  • Episode 1: Sykkuno
  • Episode 2: FalseEyeD
  • Episode 3: Haruka Karibu
  • Episode 4: Kureiji Ollie
  • Episode 5: AI Candii
  • Episode 6: Lord Aethelstan
  • Episode 7: Snuffy
  • Episode 8: Nyanners


  • "Nothing will change. Jack shit will change. You know why? Because VShojo is talent-first. We're all fuckin' free to do what ever the fuck we want!"
  • "I love you so much, you have to die!"
  • "Step on me, Daddy"
  • "Chaos is fun"
  • "With a big DONG"[16]
  • "We're not a cult we are family"
  • "I f****ing hate space so much."
  • "Glitter is natures herpes!"
  • "Is this a free car?"[17]
  • "Beauty fades but dumb is forever"

Twitter hashtags


Her fans are called "Precious Family", however she also refers to them individually as "Flancitos". Her Patreon members have four tiers: Precious Family, Flancito, Senpai, and Hentai Senpai.

Her Patreon rewards include Discord roles and access to some channels, monthly VR chat meetups, community movie nights, and special monthly streams for Patreon members only. However Twitch subscribers can avail weekly Discord-based movie nights.


  • She has several nicknames such as Mousey, Satanas, Mad Loli and Yandere Mouse, but a lot of fans call her "Tungsten Cat" after CDawgVA joked about her debuting under that name, because she always has to explain that she is not a mouse, she is a demon. Later, Ironmouse would use a voice changer to debut as "Tungsten Cat". Fans also call "Tungsten Cat" "Miguel".
  • Since milk is her favorite food, wheneevr she gets angry she drinks it to calm down. After her wifi malfunction four times in one stream, she began drinking a lot of it, but it made her feel worse and she spent the rest of the stream talkign about how she drank too much and it hurt. It often appears as a running gag in her chat.
  • In her playthrough of Resident Evil 7, she made an NPC repeatedly say "That shit you're carrying? get rid of it." and would also use this phrase herself again and again.


  • She is a Dungeons and Dragons fan and her character is a bard mermaid.
    • She also named her custom 1.5m long Furby Azeatec, after another character from the game campaign she was a part of.
  • She got into anime and games as her brother had large collections of them.
  • She loves fanart. She herself has a level of artistic talent, though she usually only draws for April Fool's Day events.
  • Her favorite foods are pink starbursts and geriatric milk.
  • She designed her concept art, though her first 2D modeller was ketama[18], her first 3D one was jjinomu[19], her second 2D custom designers were Nia[20] and etctr[21], her second 3D modeler was TheArtGun[22] and Rosuuri and etctr designed her demon form.
  • Her favorite color is pink, and her favorite flower is the orchid.
  • She has a heart-shaped birthmark on her thigh in real life, which she calls a "Cutie Mark".
  • She suffers from CVID (Common Variable Immune Deficiency), a genetic disorder she was born with that prevents her immune system from properly producing antibodies, and as a result she is bedridden for long periods of time. She requires plasma infusions on a weekly basis, though in 2021 she has admitted that she is getting better at walking. Because of the illness, she also cannot have sex. She also couldn't utilize her first 3D model because of it, but thankfully her second model required less phsyical movement.
  • Mousey's favorite movie of all time is The Fifth Element and because of the opera singing blue alien in the movie she wanted to be an opera singer. In real life, she studied musical theater at a performance arts school. She used to be a coloratura soprano and could breakdance, but the detoriating condition of her health caused her to be unable to continue her career any longer.
  • She tends to reveal surprises easily, speaks with no filter and often forgets things that she herself scheduled.
  • She also likes musicals such as Hamilton and Be More Chill, but her favorite is Wicked.
    • She parodied one of Be More Chill 's song, Michael in the Bathroom, to Mousey in the Bathroom
  • Her favorite Disney World ride is the Carousel of Progress
  • She learned to whistle in a livestream
  • She is a fan of eve[23]


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