It's AumSum Time has more than One Million Subscribers
It's AumSum Time makes Educational Videos
It's AumSum Time is an Animator
It's AumSum Time is from India
It's AumSum Time created their account in 2014
It's AumSum Time is a Content Creator on YouTube

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It's AumSum Time, formerly known as Smart Learning for All, is an Indian educational YouTube channel. It normally produces science and math-related stuff, and more.

The videos normally contain the character "AumSum", being learned by the narrator. It was changed to make AumSum smart, but then changed back due to the fans disliking the smart version of AumSum. However, due to an increasing amount of fake channels by the same name as his, he changed his channel name from "It's AumSum Time" to the former channel name "Smart Learning for All."

The videos are normally compilations of past videos they make, with the first clip in the video being related to the video name's topic in older videos.

The channel uploaded their first video on December 27, 2014, about the "Digestive System of Human". The channel mainly uploads "what if" videos now.

AumSum's design changes every two videos.

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